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4 Best Shopify Customer Service Apps to Inspire Brand Loyalty and Boost Revenue

Looking for an efficient Shopify customer support app? Check out this review of the top 4 solutions. In this post, we discuss the importance of adequate customer support for every Shopify store. We also present a review of the best Shopify customer service apps you might want to consider before exploring other solutions. The global […]


Looking for an efficient Shopify customer support app? Check out this review of the top 4 solutions.

In this post, we discuss the importance of adequate customer support for every Shopify store. We also present a review of the best Shopify customer service apps you might want to consider before exploring other solutions.

The global e-retail revenues are expected to hit the $6.54 trillion mark by 2022. That’s a huge step up in comparison with 2019 when this number was almost half that — $3.53 trillion. This is a clear sign: the e-commerce industry is evolving at full steam and is not going to stop anytime soon.

This also means that the number of companies that want to jump on the e-commerce bandwagon is likely to grow exponentially in the near future. However, many of these newcomers fail to secure a place under the sun and retire from the race without making any money at all.

Why does this happen? It’s hard to give a definite answer. Perhaps there is a mismatch between the types of products and the niche where the company is trying to sell them. Or it could be because the store’s owner didn’t invest enough resources into the site’s design and functionality, doing everything on their own instead of hiring professionals. The list goes on.

The practice also shows that one of the most common causes for an e-commerce business to fail is poor or non-existent customer service. Even if a store has the best-looking design in the world and offers popular merchandise, it may still end up as a miserable flop due to the way its customers are treated when they have questions or need their problems solved.

Here are the main reasons why good customer support matters so much to every online merchant who wants to succeed.

Why a Flawless Customer Service Is Crucial for Every E-Commerce Site

It increases the number of loyal customers and ensures a stable revenue flow

Customer service with an empathetic, humane attitude towards visitors with questions or issues is a surefire way to inspire loyalty to the brand. The more customers who trust your company you attract, the larger profit you can expect. That’s because buyers like these will want to continue shopping on your store, securing a stable revenue stream for your business.

It can bring you more new customers thanks to your current buyers’ feedback

Another important benefit of thoughtful customer support is an increase in your site’s traffic and more potential conversions. This can happen thanks to the positive feedback that your current customers, satisfied with their shopping experience, will leave across the Internet and on social media.

It allows you to cater both to customers who are just looking around and those who are ready to pay

Even for someone who’s visiting your Shopify store for the first time and getting familiar with the available items, polite and helpful customer service can be really valuable.

After receiving detailed answers to all his or her questions immediately, this consumer may return later to actually make a purchase. Considering the extremely competitive nature of the e-commerce business, every lead is worth their weight in gold.

It increases revenue from one current customer

When a friend does something good for you, you always want to reward him or her for their kindness. The same goes true for your customers. When they feel they’re welcome and appreciated, they’re inclined to purchase more goods from your store within one shopping session and on future visits.

Shopify Customer Service Apps: An Efficient Way to Streamline Store Support

The importance of perfect customer service for every Shopify store is tremendous, no doubt about that. However, actually providing support can be a time-consuming and effort-intensive task.

Answering phone calls, replying to emails, processing complaints — all these things divert online merchants’ attention from other vital duties they have to perform in order to ensure smooth operation of their stores.

What’s the best way to solve this problem? Hire more customer support agents? This is hardly an option for many small businesses that are frequently “one-man-shows.” A much wiser approach is to install a customer support app to automate the bulk of an agent’s standard functions.

Shopify store owners are particularly lucky when it comes to automating various routine store management tasks. We’ve already reviewed Shopify apps for working with social media, improving SEO rankings, dealing with products and inventory, taking care of shipping, and facilitating marketing efforts.

Shopify customer support apps are represented in abundance on the vendor’s official site, too. At the moment of writing this post, the number of available solutions that perform support functions exceeded 530 there. With such a wide choice of Shopify support apps, picking one for your own store may seem a challenging task.

That’s why we’ve prepared a brief review of the 4 best Shopify customer service apps you can take a look at first.

A Review of the Top 4 Shopify Apps for Customer Service

Zendesk: One of the Best Shopify Customer Support Apps That Covers All Communication Channels

Zendesk: one of the best Shopify customer service apps

General Info

When it comes to customer support on the whole, Zendesk is one of the first applications that comes to mind. This Shopify plugin is a real treat for every online entrepreneur. One of its main strengths is omnichannel support. It covers all possible means of communication to connect customers and merchants:

  • Messaging
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Chat
  • Social media

…and everything in between.

The entire customer-support interaction takes place in one centralized location — within the Zendesk Web Widget integrated right into the Shopify store. Support agents are provided with all the information required to answer customers’ questions and respond to their complaints immediately without having to go looking for it elsewhere. This ensures a faster and more efficient help desk operation.

Main Features

  • Easy customization of order information that agents can view in Zendesk
  • Fast processing of support tickets thanks to easily available customer data from the Shopify store, such as payment information.
  • Unlimited number of communication channels


While Zendesk is definitely one of the most widely used Shopify apps for customer support, it’s quite difficult to set up, as many online merchants report. Once this stage is through, though, the app is easy to use and adjust.


The Zendesk Shopify app for customer support integrates, among the rest, with the following third-party solutions:

  • ShipStation
  • Trustpilot
  • Yotpo
  • ChargeDesk
  • Mailchimp
  • LoyaltyLion


The app is free to install for Zendesk Support Team Plan subscribers. To learn about all Zendesk’s pricing options, browse this page.

Shopify App Store Page

Visit this page to add Zendesk to your Shopify store

Re:amaze Live Chat & Helpdesk: A Cutting-Edge Shopify Customer Service App that Leverages AI Power to the Max

Re:amaze: a great Shopify customer service app that leverages AI

General Info

This is another Shopify customer support app that encompasses almost every existing communication channel, from live chat and SMS to WhatsApp and VOIP. We can safely call Re:amaze the Swiss knife of customer service. It has all the features that every online merchant could dream of: help desk, chatbots, social media coverage, FAQ page building, and many others.

What attracts most Shopify store owners to Re:amaze is the ability to use AI-powered chatbots. These can efficiently answer customers’ inquiries about their orders and respond to the most frequently asked questions. This allows Shopify store administrators and customer support agents to deal with more specific issues rather than tediously repeat the same information over and over.

Main Features

  • Native integration with Shopify stores. This enables help desk agents to access all the customer data from the store and handle support tickets right in the app’s dashboard.
  • Ability to automate important marketing activities, including special sales, up-selling, cross-selling, and so on.
  • Ability to create chatbots to perform specific business tasks, such as selling particular items to a particular target audience segment.
  • Ability to share references to the items available on the store right through the live chat. This allows customers to explore your offers without having to search for them, thus resulting in better sales.


Re:amaze is one of the most amazing Shopify apps for support currently featured on the official app store. At the moment, it has only two negative customer reviews. One of the customers is simply not happy with the hefty fee they have to pay for using the app.

At the same time, the app has accumulated over 160 positive reviews to date. This puts it high on the list of the best Shopify customer service apps.


  • Octane AI
  • SMSbump
  • ShipStation
  • Klaviyo


You have 14 days to use this Shopify app for customer support without having to pay anything. After that, choose the Basic, Pro, Plus, or Enterprise Custom plan, with fees ranging from $29/month to $899/month.

Shopify App Store Page

Visit this page to install Re:amaze Live Chat & Helpdesk and get familiar with all of its features.

HelpCenter: A Great Shopify App for Support and Building Perfect FAQ Pages

HelpCenter: one of the best Shopify customer support apps for making FAQ pages

General Info

This Shopify customer support app is less feature-rich than the previous tools in our review. For one, it only allows customer service agents to communicate with shoppers via live chat, Facebook Messenger, and email.

However, its main attraction is the ability to create Google-friendly and easy-to-navigate FAQ pages in multiple languages within a very short time span — 10 minutes, as the vendor claims.

You can also add visuals to your FAQ pages to keep them consistent with your brand style and export or import the text of a FAQ page into another Shopify store. Since many questions on FAQ pages are similar for most online stores, the latter capability of this Shopify app for customer support allows online merchants to save a lot of time.

Main Features

  • Ability to create searchable FAQ pages in multiple languages quickly and export/import their content to other Shopify stores.
  • A single help desk system to process support tickets via Facebook Messenger, live chat, and email.
  • A live chat to communicate with customers in real time or when the store is closed for the day.
  • Access to Shopify “Orders” from the help desk. This allows customer service agents to work with orders without leaving the app’s dashboard.


In the negative customer reviews for the app, some users complain of the weak support team, however ironic it may sound. Another common problem mentioned in the commentaries is the fairly limited number of features that the free version of this Shopify app for customer service provides.

That being said, the average rating of HelpCenter is quite high — 4.8, so we think it deserves a spot among the best Shopify customer service apps.


HelpCenter is free to install and take for a 14-day spin. Then you have to choose between two pricing options:

  • Premium plan that costs $4.95/month
  • Professional plan you can purchase for $29.95/month

Shopify App Store Page

Visit this page to install HelpCenter and find out more details about it.

Tidio: A Shopify Customer Support App That Takes Just Half a Minute to Set Up

Tidio: a Shopify customer service app that's easy and fast to set up

General Info

The last Shopify app for support in our review is famously known for its smart sales bots and live chat in the first place. Tidio takes no more than 30 seconds to set up. Then, you can easily add a number of chatbots to facilitate your support team’s efforts. The bots can inform customers of the following:

  • The status of their order
  • When their order will be delivered (approximately)
  • Whether a specific item is in stock at the moment

On the whole, the vendor claims that the bots can cover over 40% of all customer questions and inquiries. When a bot is unable to respond to a certain inquiry, it notifies a human customer support assistant. This reduces the risk of losing a customer or lead.

The bots are not the only communication channel that this Shopify app for customer support offers. You can also provide customer service via emails and messaging.

Main Features

  • Abandoned Cart Bot. It notifies you whenever a shopper has abandoned the cart. This enables you to get in touch with the customer immediately. You can find out why they are leaving and try to encourage them to buy a product after all by lowering the price, for instance.
  • Multi-language support. This feature is particularly valuable if your business is spread across countries and continents.
  • Ability to adjust the app’s colors to match your brand style.
  • A free mobile app that runs both on iOS and Android.
  • Ability to see the text that a customer is typing at this very moment.


While having a high average rating (4.7), this Shopify customer support app is not devoid of shortcomings. Some of the most common complaints we’ve found among negative customer reviews are slow support and unfair pricing. Since there’s a free plan, though, you can install Tidio to find out if these criticisms are warranted.


This one of our top Shopify apps for customer service integrates with more than 20 third-party solutions, including:

  • Mailchimp,
  • Zapier
  • GetResponse
  • Google Analytics
  • Zendesk


The vendor provides three plans:

  • Basic: free
  • Communicator: $18/month (plus $10 for every new operator)
  • Chatbots: $18/month

By choosing the last option, you get from 1,000 to Unlimited Chatbot Triggers/month.

Shopify App Store Page

Visit this page to add Tidio to your Shopify store.

The Best Shopify Customer Service Apps Described in This Review

App Name Rating Pricing Main Attraction
Zendesk 2.8
  • Free to install for Zendesk Support Team subscribers
  • External charges may apply
Omnichannel support
Re:amaze 4.9
  • Basic: $29/month
  • Pro: $49/month
  • Plus: $69/month
  • Enterprise Custom: $899/month
AI bots
HelpCenter 4.8
  • Free
  • Premium: $4.95/month
  • Professional: $29.95/month
Perfect FAQ pages
Tidio 4.7
  • Basic: free
  • Communicator: $18/month (plus $10 for every new operator)
  • Chatbots: $18/month
Fast to set up

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