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15 Trendy Websites

This post is a review of 17 trendy websites to inspire your web design creativity.


The world of web design never stands still, and the more you’re updated on the current trends, the more you will succeed. Previously, we have done compilations of Eye-Catching Designs and Excellent Use of Texture to help you get inspiration for your own creations. This week we decided to give you a “411” on what’s in by putting together a cool compilation of trendy websites.

Tom, Dick & Harry Creative Company — a Trendy Website That Stands Out from the Crowd

Tom, Dick & Harry trendy website for ordering great designs

Tom, Dick & Harry Creative Company has been operating since 2002. Over these years, they have crafted design masterpieces for many well-known brands including Nike and Coca Cola. Their website looks stylish.

The Original Minneapple Pie — a Site That Offers Something Delicious to Everyone

Minniapple Pie - a trendy site that offers something delicioous to everyone

This cartoon-style website will not leave anyone indifferent. The moment you see it, you want to taste their original minneapple pie that’s hotter than a turtle on the Hennepin bridge in July. Yummy!

LeaderBe — a Blog Can Be Trendy Too

LeaderBe - a blog can be trendy too

Not only the websites of design agencies or creative artists can look stylish. Blogs can too. Take a look at LeaderBe, for example.

Kitchen Sink — a Site That Provides Branding Services

Kitchen Sink - one of trendy sites that provide barnding services

Kitchen Sink is a trendy website that every aspiring startup owner should visit. The designer must have chosen the dark theme to hint at the solidity and seriousness of the company.

Headlamp — Another Design Agency Website Worth Visiting

Headlamp - a trendy design agency website

A design agency website must be trendy. Otherwise, it’s unlikely to attract many clients. Headlamp’s owners are well aware of that. We are sure their efforts have been well rewarded.

Growcase — Dark and Mysterious

Growcase - dark, mysterious, and trendy

Growcase is a website that has been offering design services since 2003. The orange-black color combination makes it look a bit mysterious. What do you think?

GiftRocket — Light and Airy

Gift Rocket - buy a gift on this trendy site

GiftRocket represents a striking contrast to the previous example. It’s been made in light tones and looks airy. Visit it to boost your spirits.

Yoke — a Site with a WoW Effect to Win Your Heart Over

Yoke - a trendy website to showcase the best designs

This creative studio website is not only a delight for the eyes but also has great animations that add a lot of dynamicity. One of our favorites. Your thoughts?

Lit Pub — Simplicity at Its Best

Lit Pub - a trendy website for selling books

Sometimes, speaking less is better. Lit Pub’s designers decided to follow this exact path. They have included the most essential elements only but made a trendy website nonetheless. Well done!

Curiious — a Website for Inquisitive Minds

Curiious - a trendy website for the curious

Large, high-quality photos are the most distinctive feature of Currious. This website is pleasant to look at, so pleasant that you want to touch it.

R & R — Let There Be Music

Rivers and Robots - a trendy website of a music group

This is the official website of the music band from Britain ‘Rivers & Robots.’ We haven’t heard a single song they play, but we are sure their music sounds as great as their site looks. Talented people are talented in everything they do.

Rice Bowls — a Place Where Good Things Are Done

Rice Bowls - Charity begins at home

Charity begins at home. That is, at the home page of Rice Bowls. This resource is dedicated to raising funds for feeding orphaned children around the world. That’s not the only good thing about it. This is also another of the trendy websites in our roundup.

Joshua Studio — Just Use Black & White

Joshua Studio - one of trendy websites that offer design services

The Joshua Studio website design is nothing new. It mostly uses the basic contrasting colors — black and white. Why reinvent the wheel after all? This color combination makes every website trendy, so just walk down the trodden path.

Revols — Another Black & White Design Done Right

Revolvs - a trendy website for selling beautiful sound

Revols is yet another of sites almost entirely in black and white, with a touch of blue to give it a unique look. We like this design. Do you?

Workstack – This Is What Consistency Is All About

Workstack - a trendy site with a splash of colors

A route is easy to follow when all the signs along the way are similar in style. Wordstack has this principle implemented in the form of the identical color palette on all of its pages. This is not only a convenient website, though, but also trendy.

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