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A Senior-Level Dedicated
Development Team
to Upscale Your Business

Get instant access to comprehensive web development expertise in one convenient location. Design to HTML conversion, eCommerce development, CMS-based solutions, mobile apps, HTML5 banners, email templates, and much more.
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Build a Development Team Based on
Your Needs Quickly

Common Problems

Our Solution

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No Developers for Your Stack
Finding a web developer proficient in your tech stack takes a lot of time and effort.
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Broad Technical Expertise
Tap into a large pool of senior-level frontend and backend development talent available on the go.
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Assembling the Team Fast Is Tough
Hiring and onboarding alone may delay your project for weeks or months.
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A Quick, Easy Start
We can assemble a team for your specific task or project with same day service.
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Why Hire Our Dedicated Team

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No Recruitment Hassles

Whatever web development experts you need, we have them.
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Senior-Level Experts

Seasoned pros with hundreds of projects under their belts is what your team will be made of.
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Seamless Team Integration

Our developers easily adapt to any work-flow production methods.
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Any Tech Stack

We employ developers versed in every web technology there is, frontend or backend.
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Excellent Communication

Use any software (Trello, Jira, etc.) or messenger (Slack, Skype, etc.) to track your progress or phone your PM to stay in the loop.
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Instant Team Launch

With 100+ top-level pros on standby, our team is ready to go at a moment’s notice.
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Maximum Productivity

If a team member is absent , we’ll instantly find an equivalent replacement.
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Monthly Reporting

Your dedicated PM will send you monthly reports detailing the work the team has accomplished.

Our Unparalleled
Web Development Expertise

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Design to HTML/CSS Conversion

We convert designs in any existing graphic file format (XD, AI, Sketch, Figma, etc.) into pixel-perfect web pages that meet or exceed your requirements.
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CSS Preprocessors and Frontend Frameworks

We are experts at using CSS preprocessors such as SASS or LESS and frontend frameworks (e.g., Twitter Bootstrap).
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JavaScript Development

Our JS developers will make your web pages engaging by adding any interactions or animations you want (parallax, infinite scrolling, etc.).
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WordPress Development

We craft plugins, migrate data, and build bespoke themes on top of anything else WP related. Want us to use page builders like Gutenberg, Elementor, or DiVi? Easy!
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Drupal Development

The list of our Drupal development services (Drupal 7, 8, & 9) includes creating custom themes and modules, API integrations, and much more.
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Website Builders

We provide Webflow (eCommerce stores, integrated external services, web pages for Webflow CMS, etc.) and Hubspot (bespoke templates with HubL and HTML, Drag & Drop templates, etc.) development services.
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We take web accessibility seriously and put WCAG/ADA guidelines as a top priority.
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HTML5 Banners

We craft all types of HTML5 banner ads (static, animated, interactive) to make your advertising campaigns a hit.
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Email Templates

Our email templates render perfectly across email clients (Outlook, Gmail, Windows Mail, etc.) and integrate seamlessly with popular email marketing platforms (SendGrid, Mailchimp, Marketo, etc.)
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What Our Clients Say

Iain Thackrah,
Design Director, Collaborative Design Co.
Company Website Dev for Design Agency

"I was impressed with their speed and effort."

Project Description

Our designers provided the layouts and a detailed hints document to clarify site behavior. P2H completed the build from those files.

Why Did You Choose GetDevDone?

Of the several recommendations a connection offered me, P2H was by far the easiest to speak with when requesting quotes.

Deadlines and Delivery

The project management was excellent. The first milestone was met four days early in nearly half the time that was planned. The team communicated early and often, and questions were answered within 24 hours, if not sooner.

Areas for Improvement

No, I can't think of anything.

Stefan Cosmin Cioroiu,
Product Designer, Zigna Inc.
Frontend Dev for Real Estate Platform

"P2H did everything to make me happy, which is a big challenge."

Project Description

They had to develop the frontend of about 15 pages, make some animations on my request (which weren’t actually a priority), and deliver everything before the deadline.

Why Did You Choose GetDevDone?

We’d worked with P2H before on other projects.

Deadlines and Delivery

I think P2H has done an amazing job.


I have nothing negative to say about their work, so I’ll summarize with a word: perfection.

Areas for Improvement

Keep up the good work, P2H.

Kyle Richey,
CEO, Conquer Apathy LLC
Bespoke Web Dev for Productivity Startup

"Their development process is second to none."

Project Description

We needed to build a new website that was tailored to our design files and specifications.

Why Did You Choose GetDevDone?

I researched several vendors who offered services involving building files from PSD or Sketch designs.

Deadlines and Delivery

They finished the project ahead of schedule and delivered exactly what we wanted. They even added a great animation to our mobile-responsive menu and didn’t charge us.


They’re extremely efficient. We designed our home page and an inner page template for a few different internal pages of our site in Sketch. We also designed mobile versions of each page. Within a couple hours of sending the files to P2H, they replied with details and a few questions. They communicated promptly throughout the process. Once they had what they needed, they promised to send the files to me within five business days. Then, I received the results a full work day before I expected. I’m very impressed with their level of service.

Areas for Improvement

I honestly can't think of anything they need to improve.

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4 Steps to Hire a Stellar
Dedicated Team

  • 01

    Discussing Requirements

    You tell us about your web development needs such as:

    • Your tech stack
    • Your project/task scope
    • Your preferred project management methods and software
    • Desired communication channels
  • 02

    Selecting Team Members

    We tap into our large pool to select specialists for your tech stack in accordance with your requirements.
  • 03

    Holding Interviews

    We show you the pros we’ve shortlisted, including a PM and QA. You interview the candidates. If someone doesn’t fit your needs we instantly find an alternative.
  • 04

    Integrating the Team

    The team starts working, using your preferred management methods/software and communication channels.
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