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Shopify Case Study: How We Developed the Wine Store

In this post, we discuss another project we did for an agency: the development of an online store based on Shopify Plus. As usual, you will learn about the challenges we faced, the solution we provided, and the added value we created for the client.


Today we would like to tell you about one of our projects which was the development of a Shopify wine store. This is an excellent example of how we can create full-fledged eCommerce solutions at a reasonable cost that easily adapts to the client’s budget requirements. 

The Client 

One of our long-standing clients, a digital agency, commissioned us to develop a Shopify-based store for a new Canadian wine business, the AbV group. The company sells multiple sorts of wines made by different producers from various regions and countries incorporating numerous production methods.

The Challenge 

The client provided us with a complete design for building five pages: 

  • Home
  • Product
  • Collection
  • Legal
  • FAQ

Aside from converting these into high-quality markup, our task was to implement certain unique features requested by the client. The main challenge was that the company needed to stay within a relatively modest budget while still wanting a fully functional online store to provide their customers with the best shopping experience.

Striking the right balance between cost and results is definitely something that we are good at. We offered the client a number of options to get the desired functionality that they needed while staying within their budget and we were able to work out an ideal compromise. 

The Features 

Here is some of the functionality that we added to AbV’s website. 

The Animated Wine Selection Menu

This feature allows customers to narrow down their search for wines based on certain attributes with just one click. 

When hovering over Wines in the header, a list of attributes shows up: 

  • Varietal 
  • Producer 
  • Country 
  • Region 
  • Process
  • Colour

Hover over one of those options and you will see another list of specific countries, producers, regions, etc. Click on the preferred item and you will land on the corresponding product page where you can make the final selection. 

For example, Wines -> Country -> France will take you to the page with all the available French wines. That’s a super handy feature that saves shoppers time and prevents confusion while searching for their favorite sort of wine. 

The animated menu looks great on the website’s mobile version as well.

The store’s owners also wanted to provide an additional search filter for their customers to sort wines based on criteria other than those included in the main search menu (producer, country, etc.). Some examples:

  • Under $25
  • Organic
  • Mixed Cases.

So we created the Featured Collections menu on the home page. Notice the hover effect on the tiles. 

The MailChimp Integration for Quick Newsletter Subscriptions 

To let visitors subscribe to the company’s newsletter easily, we integrated the famous email automation app MailChimp. 

Clicking on Subscribe to Our Newsletter in the header brings up a customized subscription form that saves space on the home page. Instead of permanently showing the form, it is not displayed until the user invokes it. 

The Outcome

We delivered the project in 12 business days after the scope was approved and provided one free revision. All in all, the client was very satisfied with our performance since we implemented all the required functionality at a reasonable cost. 

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