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Building The Crappy Planet Store Based on the Shopify Debut Theme

Read this case study to learn how we designed and customized The Crappy Planet Shopify website, making it multilingual and customer-focused.


In this case study, we want to talk about one of our Shopify development projects: building an online store for our long-time client — a marketing agency. They turn to us for assistance whenever they are short on in-house resources or need to meet aggressive deadlines.

The Challenge

The agency hired us to develop the website of their client — The Crappy Planet brand, a producer of eco-friendly bamboo toilet paper. In this project, we based our work on the Debut theme, although later we also began using the Dawn theme once it was released.

In general, we always ask our clients what theme they prefer. The Debut and Dawn themes are a perfect fit for most small and medium-sized online stores. The Slate theme is the number one choice for larger stores with lots of interface elements. 

Apart from creating the website’s theme, our task was to make the store multilingual and customer-centered by integrating appropriate applications. 

The Solution

The agency provided us with the designs of only some of the pages. For example, the standard Cart page was missing. We were free to use the default layout for the rest of the pages but style them in accordance with the overall design.

Here are some other things that we did.

  • Made the website multilingual. Initially, the client wanted the website to be accessible to people speaking two languages. We implemented this functionality by integrating the Weglot application.

Now, the website features more than two languages. Everything works perfectly. 

  • Facilitated communication between the customers and managers. We achieved this by integrating two applications:
  1. Crisp chat, which allows website visitors and customer service agents to exchange real-time messages.
  2. Mailchimp, an email marketing automation tool.

The client was particularly concerned about making the styles of the apps match that of the entire website. We met this requirement to the letter, as the Crisp chat integration illustrates.

  • Enabled the automatic creation of subscription offers. For this purpose, we integrated the Bold Subscriptions application. Now, the brand owners can quickly launch their subscription offers no matter how complex they are.

The Outcome

The project implementation took us 15 days. That was precisely the timeline set by the client. It was just one of our many joint projects with the agency. Afterwards, we did five more projects up to this point.

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