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How to Remove “Powered by…” in WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace

Wondering how to remove “Powered by Shopify or Squarespace”? Want to know how to get rid of “Powered by WordPress?” We’ll show you. In this post, we answer a question often asked by owners of online stores and blogs based on different content management systems “How to remove the ‘Powered by…’ credits in the footer […]

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New Squarespace Tools for Your Business Growth

Squarespace is a powerful all-in-one cloud-based e-commerce platform. Mainly targeted at the visual side of the business, it’s the number one choice for digital artists, photographers, fashion designers, estate agents, and other professionals who need to present their services or products in the most attractive way possible.  Squarespace is also favored by budget-tight organizations since […]

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