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Elementor Pro: A Top-Tier Web Design Tool on a Budget

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Among the multitude of present-day website development tools, one solution has been shining bright for years, outperforming most of its competitors with a vast array of cutting-edge features and capabilities. We’re talking about Elementor Pro — a powerful WordPress plugin renowned for its modern design philosophy. 

Elementor Pro: The Coveted Golden Mean

According to, over four million live websites are currently using Elementor Pro, and this number is only expected to grow in the coming years. 

Despite the numerous benefits that Elementor Pro offers, however, business owners looking to build a WordPress website often prefer other tools to it. But why if it is so good? For a very simple reason. Knowing that this is a premium solution, they believe that using it will be too heavy a burden for their budget.

If this is your concern, too, we have some good news for you. While building a website with Elementor Pro is not the cheapest option, it is not the most expensive one either, as our practice shows. 

Here is an example that proves the point. We have compared the implementation cost and time of a typical page design in the screenshot below, using three different methods: 

  1. “Vanilla” HTML/CSS 
  2. Elementor Pro 
  3. Gutenberg / ACF Pro

And you know what? Elementor Pro turned out to be the “golden mean” that everyone wants, which is a perfect blend of quality and cost-effectiveness: 

Price Timeline 
(Business Days)
Elementor Pro$1,132
Gutenberg / ACF Pro$1,554 7-8 

As you see, implementing the design with Elementor Pro was less expensive and took less time compared to using Gutenberg / ACF Pro. 

And while the traditional HTML/CSS approach was even cheaper, the resulting website is no match for the one built with Elementor Pro as far as the ease of content management is concerned. 

Of course, the numbers in the table above are not set in stone. The total implementation cost greatly depends on the complexity of individual designs. However, for a straightforward design like the one in the example, Elementor Pro stands as a middle ground, offering premium features without escalating into Gutenberg’s price bracket.

Elementor Pro Benefits and Challenges

If you are new to Elementor Pro or still undecided if it is the right fit for your project, here are its main strengths and minor limitations to check out. 


  • Drag-and-Drop Design: Building with Elementor Pro is intuitive, mirroring the experience of piecing together a puzzle, with every component fitting just right.
  • Diverse Widget Library: Ranging from dynamic carousels to functional social media buttons, the plugin offers a suite that elevates customization capabilities.
  • Mobile Optimization: Across devices – be it desktop, tablet, or phone – websites retain their aesthetic and functional integrity.
  • Regular Updates: Elementor Pro isn’t just about the now; it’s about the future. Regular updates ensure you’re always aligned with digital advancements.
  • SEO-Readiness: Beyond visual appeal, it also gears your site for optimal search engine performance.
  • Supportive Community: The Elementor community thrives on collaboration, always ready to offer insights or guidance.


  • Design Limitations: Though expansive, there may be moments where you’ll need more flexibility or custom solutions.
  • Acclimatization Phase: As with any sophisticated tool, Elementor Pro demands an initial time investment to truly harness its full potential.
  • Overwhelming Features: A vast array of options can be a double-edged sword. Strategy and discretion become pivotal.

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We strongly believe in Elementor Pro’s prowess, and together, we can build a digital presence that truly resonates. Let’s begin this exciting journey!

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