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How We Customized the Artday WordPress Theme for the Qtex Brand

In this post, we discuss one of our WordPress development projects: the customization of an existing theme. You will learn about the challenges we faced and the solutions we provided.


Among many requests that we receive from our clients, one particular service is probably sought after more frequently than others: the customization of WordPress themes. This is not surprising. 

While no ready-made theme can equal the uniqueness and flexibility of a fully custom WordPress website, customizing a WordPress theme brings several tangible benefits, especially to small businesses often constrained by shoestring budgets: 

  1. It saves time and effort. Customizing a WordPress theme is typically much quicker and easier than building a site from scratch. 
  2. Cost-effectiveness. Compared to the cost of developing a custom solution, using an existing WordPress theme is a more affordable option.
  3. Built-in functionality. Many WordPress themes come with built-in features and functionalities, such as SEO optimization, responsive design, and e-commerce capabilities.

Even with their user-friendly features, though, WordPress themes may require expert customization help for various reasons: 

  1. Complexity. While WordPress provides built-in tools for customization, the technical aspects can become complex if you want to make significant changes to your theme. An expert can help navigate these complexities and implement your vision effectively. 
  2. Troubleshooting. Premade themes, whether free or paid, can sometimes come with issues. An expert can help resolve these problems and provide ongoing support.
  3. Time and effort. Customizing a WordPress theme can be time-consuming if you’re unfamiliar with the process. Hiring an expert can save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Facing some of those challenges and looking to gain the main benefits of customization, a client recently contacted us for assistance with selecting and customizing a WordPress theme. 

Today’s post is about this project. It showcases our commitment to providing cost-effective solutions and supporting our clients throughout the development process and as long as our expertise is required. 

The Client 

UAB Modul IT Solutions is the distributor of multiple brands. It boasts more than 3,000 active customers in nearly 30 European countries. 

The company offers everything that is needed for Pro AV installers and system integrators, beginning with ergonomic solutions for offices and ending with a full range of audio-visual equipment from over a dozen brands from Europe, the United States, and Southeast Asia.

They also provide system design consultations and cost-effective logistic services all across Europe.

The Challenge 

We were approached by Modul IT Solutions with a request to select and customize a cross-device WordPress theme for the website of one of their brands, Qtex. They wanted us to deactivate the shopping cart on all the pages, as well as remove specific blocks to match their business needs precisely. 

The site structure was supposed to be as follows: 

  • Catalog (divided into sections, product pages with descriptions, a photo slider, and characteristics – about 30 cards)
  • About page (their texts and images)
  • Where to Buy (redirect to their b2b platform
  • Contacts (phone, email, and feedback form)

Adding the content to the website was the client’s responsibility. 

The Solution 

Selecting the Theme 

The first step was selecting a suitable WordPress theme that met all or at least most of the client’s requirements. After a careful review of available options, we chose Artday, a fully responsive single-product WordPress theme that is normally used for websites that sell goods such as prints, posters, and other art pieces. 

Among some of the most notable Artday’s features are the following: 

  • 100% responsive on every device
  • WPBakery Content Builder 
  • Revolution Slider
  • Retina ready design

The theme seemed to be the right fit for the client’s business type and matched their criteria regarding cross-device compatibility. It was also quite affordable, costing just $38 for a regular license. 

We offered Artday to the client for consideration, and they gave us a thumbs-up. The next phase was the customization of the selected theme. 

Theme Customization 

Deactivating the Shopping Cart 

As requested by Modul IT Solutions, we deactivated the shopping cart everywhere, including the product pages. This way, customers can only view products in the Catalog and need to select the Where to Buy option in the navigation bar to be directed to the Modul IT Solutions website where they can purchase them. 

Modifying the Pages 


We’ve added the same 3D Parallax image to the Homepage as in the original theme.

3D Parallax image on Artday Homepage

3D Parallax image on Homepage

The client also asked us to delete the Featured Products block from the page, which we did. 


We removed several blocks, including the Story section, leaving essential information about the company only. 

Compare the original About page with its live equivalent: 

Artday About page About page 


Here, we removed everything that indicated that the product could be purchased on this site, including the shopping cart functionality. 

Original Product page Product page 

On the client’s request,  we also created a dropdown for selecting product attributes like length and color: 

Dropdown for selecting product attributes 

Finally, we added the reviews section where visitors can rate the specific product and leave their comments. 

Reviews section on a product page 


We slightly reworked the Contact page, removing some of the original content such as the sign up form and the social media section. 

Original Contact page Contact page

The Outcome 

The customization of the Artday theme took us around 15 business hours. However, our participation in the Qtex project was not over yet. When the Modul IT Solutions web administrator began adding content to the website, she had various questions and update requests for us.

We promptly responded to all her queries, advising her on the best methods to approach certain tasks and giving her recommendations on communicating with the hosting provider’s team.

We are always ready to support our clients even after we finish the development of their projects, teaching them on how to work with their new website, solving launch-related issues, or helping them overcome any other technical challenges.

As a result of our cooperation, Modul IT Solutions received a website that met all of their requirements for a fairly modest price when compared to building a custom solution from the ground up, including design.

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Elena Saburova

Elena Saburova is a Project Manager who always does her best to maintain a balance between the Client and the Team to make both happy. She enjoys working in a fast-paced environment, effectively handling multiple projects going simultaneously. A delighted client who expresses gratitude is the biggest motivator for her.

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