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How We Redesigned SmartSheer’s Website

Read this case study to learn how skillfully we redesigned SmartSheer's website and let them reduce the project cost into the bargain.


Today, we would like to talk about one of our projects: the redesign of the SmartSheer brand’s website. Although we completed this project a while back, we believe that you will find this particular case interesting since it will give you a chance to check out our expertise and capabilities. 

The Client 

SmartSheer is a Smart Textiles brand that has been selling thermoregulating sheer curtains since 2015. SmartSheer’s patented sheer fabric can save around $10 per window per year in energy costs, while providing abundant light and greater privacy for eco-friendly homes. 

The Challenge

Since the time SmartSheer entered the market, its website’s design and functionality had not changed. That posed a number of problems for the brand’s owners that could seriously affect the conversion rate.

The site’s look and feel was clearly outdated. That by itself could scare off many customers who were more demanding and expected a reputable business website to have a trendy design. 

The website was also below par as far as usability went, and loaded painfully slowly. Another major concern the business owners had was the inability to update the website’s content fast without involving third-party expertise. 

They wanted to be able to modify the content themselves easily and quickly. In particular, they required more flexibility in managing and editing the sections/blocks on the pages. This is crucial in a fast-paced business environment, especially during busy periods such as seasonal sales when every second counts. 

Something had to be done. The company’s management decided to act and turned to us for assistance. 

The Solution 

When SmartSheer commissioned us for the project, they already had the completed designs of seven pages: 

  • Home
  • Reviews
  • Gallery
  • FAQ
  • Technology
  • PLP
  • PDP

Our mission was to create a brand-new custom Shopify theme as well as add the required functionality to satisfy the client’s  business needs. 

Here are some things that we did.

  • To achieve the desired flexibility while editing page sections and blocks, we offered the client two options: 
  1. Using the Shopify Customizer tool
  2. Integrating the Shogun Landing Page Builder

We realize that reducing expenses to a minimum is vital for every business. That’s why we always strive to find cost-effective solutions that can give our clients the best value for their money. 

The Shogun plugin is, no doubt, an efficient tool. Yet, it has one serious drawback — the hefty price tag. For the higher-end plan, it is currently $149/month. 

On the other hand, the Shopify Customizer seemed to meet all of the client’s requirements. So why overpay? We offered Smartsheer to implement one page with Shopify Customizer and see if it did precisely what they expected. If it did not, we would have switched over to the Shogun plugin. In our business, flexibility is key.

Our priority is not simply to build a solution but build it in a way that could bring our clients the greatest benefits. 

  • To make the website’s navigation smooth and trouble-free, we implemented a sticky menu. It always stays at the top no matter how far a user scrolls down. This allows visitors to jump to any page immediately wherever they are on the site. 
  • To help the company boost the sales of their featured product, we created a special BUY NOW block. Again, we took advantage of the standard Shopify capabilities instead of integrating a plugin that would require the client to purchase a monthly subscription.
  • To make the online store management more straightforward, we tweaked the custom home page banner section. Now, when uploading one image, the scrolling functionality is disabled. When uploading two and more images, the section turns into a gallery. 

This way, you can be sure that the home page looks perfect no matter how many banners you upload. The great thing is that it all happens automatically. The website administrator doesn’t have to lift a finger. 

  • To ensure effective communication, smooth email marketing campaigns, and strong customer relationships through segmentation, we leveraged the power of the Klaviyo app. 
  • To facilitate working with reviews, we integrated the Yotpo app into SmartSheer’s website. 

The Outcome 

The client was satisfied with the result. It took us 10 business days to complete the project. That was the precise timeline we had agreed on. Punctuality is in our DNA. 

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