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Shopify Website Development: 6 Reasons to Build Your Online Store with Shopify

Have a glimpse into what professional Shopify Web Development involves E-commerce has a great impact on today’s global business landscape. According to Statista, e-commerce retail sales worldwide will reach the whopping number of over $6.5 billion. Compare it with slightly above $1.3 billion this industry generated in 2014. Such huge growth has been achieved largely […]

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Have a glimpse into what professional Shopify Web Development involves

E-commerce has a great impact on today’s global business landscape. According to Statista, e-commerce retail sales worldwide will reach the whopping number of over $6.5 billion. Compare it with slightly above $1.3 billion this industry generated in 2014.

Such huge growth has been achieved largely thanks to an array of e-commerce solutions that have entered the market over the past decade or so. Now, launching an online store is a task that everyone can handle. There is no need to be a web development or web design expert to build a basic website for selling things on the Internet.

That being said, almost all of these solutions have certain drawbacks. WordPress is not the best option for building an online store, even though the WooCommerce plugin does save the situation. Magento is a very complex and power-intensive system that requires professional website development gurus to ensure smooth operation of an online store. These are just a few examples.

However, there’s one tool that is almost free of shortcomings — Shopify. At the moment, just short of 1.5 million live sites are powered by this system, and there are no signs of stopping.

What are the reasons for Shopify ecommerce website development being so widely popular? What do Shopify ecommerce web developers do? We have all the answers. Read on.

Why Choose Shopify to Build an Ecommerce Website?

The main reasons to go the Shopify web development way

#1: You can deal with Shopify website development without having to look under the hood

Unlike ecommerce solutions such as WordPress that require finding and paying for the hosting, Shopify ecommerce websites reside on the vendor’s own servers. That means that site owners can deal exclusively with Shopify web design and development.

They don’t have to worry about security or performance of their online stores. A Shopify ecommerce website is never down and is lightning-fast no matter the location of users. In addition, Shopify merchants can register their own domain.

#2: Shopify ecommerce website owners can accept money from customers in a variety of ways

Shopify has multiple gateways

The Website development on Shopify, just like on other e-commerce solutions, is pointless unless you can actually receive money to your merchant or bank account. Some systems are very limited in this respect. For instance, Wix only works with PayPal and Stripe out of the box. Other ecommerce platforms have no default integration with payment gateways at all and require installing add-ons to perform financial transactions.

Shopify is a different matter. Online store owners have multiple methods to accept money from their customers, including Shopify’s own payment system. If you need to use another one, you can choose from more than a hundred depending on the country. For example, customers based in Spain can pay for their purchases using gateways such as Skrill, BitPay, QuickPay, and dozens of others.

#3: A myriad of themes for effortless Shopify website design and development

One of the most important aspects of any ecommerce platform is the availability of ready-made themes. Shopify shines here, offering website owners over 70 free and premium themes that make Shopify web design straightforward.

You can filter the themes by the number of products, layout style, specific navigation elements, and so forth. If you have found nothing suitable for your niche among the ready-made themes, you can always consider custom Shopify webstore development.

In this case, Shopify ecommerce website development cost will be higher. Shopify web designers and Shopify developers will also spend more time building a custom Shopify theme. However, the final product will meet all your business needs and look different from other online stores, thus attracting more consumers.

#4: Numerous additional tools for Shopify web development and customization

Shopify is one of the best solutions when it comes to a quick launch of an online store. However, the ultimate goal of any business, small or large, is to grow and increase revenue. As your Shopify ecommerce store gets bigger and your customer base expands, you may need more tooling than the standard Shopify setup can offer.

For instance, you may need more product options that you currently have. No problem! Just visit the Shopify App store and search for an appropriate application based on customers’ reviews and ratings. The apps you can find there have been crafted by Shopify web developers from around the globe and have been sifted through a rigorous checking process.

Need to implement a very specific business feature but there is no app in the App Store to do that? Then, turn to our Shopify web development agency for help, and our Shopify website developers will put things right for you. We are unrivaled experts at Shopify web development and customization.

#5: Easy connection to Facebook and the like

Since the first social media site, Six Degrees, started operating in 1997, the significance of social media for promoting brands grew by leaps and bounds with each passing year. Nowadays, it’s simply impossible to come across an ecommerce website without a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram button.

If you go the Shopify website development road, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to integrate social media with your online store. Many of the Shopify themes available through the vendor’s official site already have buttons for the major social media.

By using these, customers can share blog posts or product pages with their followers or subscribers. You can also direct them to your brand’s profile for greater engagement. The ability to connect to important tools for business promotion such as Facebook makes Shopify web development a truly valuable option for small businesses.

Apart from finding a ready-made theme with social media buttons integrated, you can search the Shopify App Store for a suitable app with social media features. Another option is to hire a Shopify webstore development expert to build a custom theme.

#6: Google adores Shopify ecommerce websites

Why? This is because Shopify has all the right functionality to take sites to the top of search engine results pages. What’s the use of choosing Shopify to build an online store if just a few stray visitors stumble upon it in weeks?

There are many things that Shopify website owners can do themselves to improve the search engine visibility of their stores. This includes adding keywords to the content, changing the title and meta tags for blog posts and products, and doing other things.

If you feel that the default Shopify features like robot.txt file automatic generation along with your efforts are not enough to yield the desired result, you can consult our Shopify web development agency. We can share with you all the tips and tricks to make your online store Google-friendly.

Final Words

The six reasons to go the Shopify website development way we have listed above are just a few of many. Shopify is one of the top ecommerce solutions you can find on the market and the list of its benefits for online merchants is much longer.

While Shopify is convenient in use and allows anyone without a web development background to launch an online store in a matter of hours, many tasks call for professional assistance from a Shopify web designer and web developer. Read one of our previous posts to learn why you need an expert.

Visit our landing page for details and get in touch with us to discuss your ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shopify Web Development

Why should I hire a Shopify web development professional?

Shopify is an excellent ecommerce platform well-suited to beginners. However, to make your online store truly unique and tailored to your business niche, you will need Shopify ecommerce web developers and designers. Read one of our previous posts to learn more.

What are Shopify’s main advantages for building an online store?

  • Smooth connection to various external services, such as Facebook or Twitter
  • Multiple ways to accept money from customers
  • Lots of ready-made free and paid themes and plenty of opportunities for custom Shopify web development
  • Built-in tools for boosting the search engine rankings of a Shopify ecommerce website

How much does it cost to start a Shopify online store?

The vendor provides a 14-day trial period, so you can start selling things through the platform without spending a dime. When the period is over, you have to choose among their payment plans. The cheapest starts at $29 a month.

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