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Progressive Web Apps for E-Commerce: Get an Edge Over Your Competition

According to Statista, the percentage of mobile retail sales in retail e-commerce sales worldwide will amount to 72.9 in 2021. With so many consumers using mobile devices to make purchases online, optimizing e-commerce stores for mobiles has become a must. Until recently, the main methods to conduct e-commerce business through handheld devices were mobile websites, […]

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Animation Comparison: CSS vs. JavaScript

Animated websites are more engaging than static ones. Thus, they can bring more value to businesses. There are two main approaches to web animation: by using JavaScript and by applying CSS. In this post, we compare these methods and provide examples.

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Our Faves: Top Newsletters for People Who Code

Newsletters and RSS feeds are important tools for keeping up with the ever changing world of web design and development. With so much information out there, it’s easy to cram your inbox with junk. No worries! We’ve scoured the internet to find the most relevant and informative web dev newsletters. We think these fall into […]

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How to Customize Bootstrap Grid with Sass

The Bootstrap grid system is a very popular technology used on thousands of websites. While it is flexible in its own right, you can make it even more so by customizing it with Saas. Read this hands-on guide to learn how you can do that.

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5 Useful Sass Mixins

Sass is a popular CSS preprocessor that provides the benefit of variables for web developers. In this post, we have reviewed five Sass mixins to facilitate building web pages.

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