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Icon Fonts vs SVG Icons: What Works Best for You?

It's impossible to imagine modern web pages without icons. They're used everywhere: in product descriptions, contact details, and many other page elements. Two popular options for implementing icons are Icon Fonts and SVG Icons. What are their benefits and drawbacks? Which to choose for your own website? This post should give you all the answers.

Baylor Eaton

Business Development Manager

Robots.txt: What, When, and Why

Do you know that preventing search engines from accessing and indexing some pages on your site can can be beneficial both for your SEO and your privacy? Read this post and you will learn how to achieve this by changing the contents of a small but extremely important file - robots.txt.

Dmytro Mashchenko

CEO of GetDevDone

HTML Meta Tags That Matter for SEO in 2021/22

Do you know which meta tags control how your web page displays on Twitter or Facebook? Which will boost your SEO and which won't? Read this post for the answers to these and other questions related to meta tags.

Dmytro Mashchenko

CEO of GetDevDone

7 Microformats that are worth using

“Designed for humans first and machines second”, microformats are HTML based formats for common data types embedded in HTML documents, mostly by using specific values for class or rel attributes. Using microformats makes it easier to publish and reuse various information such as describing people, events, tags and bunch of other relevant information that can […]

GetDevDone Team