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Creating a Lawyer Website: 3 Essential Design Principles

Keep these important considerations in mind when creating a lawyer website In this post, we discuss the basic elements that every law firm website should have in order to attract leads and convert them into сlients. From layout, navigation, and content to SEO and performance, every detail is crucial if you’re serious about taking your […]

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GetDevDone Introduces a New Service: Presentation Design and Redesign

Presentations are essential for promoting business ideas, services, and products. The more professional and engaging your presentation looks, the more chances you have to ultimately convince your customers to invest their money in what you’re selling. Making colorful, modern presentations is a science and an art that requires a fair amount of skill and experience. […]

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Email Marketing During the Crisis: Tips and Tools to Help Your Business Keep Afloat

As we are moving further and deeper into the economic crisis caused by the ongoing spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus, businesses are learning to adjust to the changed circumstances, trying to stay afloat. Over the past few weeks, one communication channel has proven to be particularly valuable for keeping in touch with customers — […]

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8 Fatal UX Design Mistakes That May Cause Your Business to Fail

What makes an e-commerce business successful? A vast and varied inventory, multiple ways to accept payments, friendly and helpful customer support via multiple channels, or on-time delivery? Yes, all of that. Plus an easy-to-use and visually interesting website, as it is the ease of interaction with a site that can make a real difference. In […]

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