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20+ Websites That Use Google Maps

Adding Google Maps to a website has become almost a norm these days. In this post, we have reviewed over 20 websites with Google Maps for your inspiration.


We have all undoubtedly heard of and used Google Maps, a resource that lets us find necessary locations, get driving directions, and view maps. Creating Google maps based websites, however, can be a real challenge for web designers, since it is rather difficult to create both a visually and functionally appealing website. In spite of all the difficulties, these websites not only turn out attractive and useful, but also rather amusing at times. Here are some examples that serve as a proof.

Airbnb — a Site with Maps for Those Who Dislike Staying at Hotels

Airbnb - a site with maps to find a place  to stay in people's homes

Do you miss the home atmosphere when you travel to another city or town and have to stay at a hotel? Airbnb offers you a way to find alternative accommodation. Select a place, the number of rooms, and the dates of your stay. You will be provided with a list of options in people’s homes instead of hotels. Every description is accompanied by a Google map.

Booking.com — a Site for Finding Places to Stay and More

Booking.com - a website with maps to find places to stay and more

This is yet another website for reserving accommodation that uses Google Maps. Booking.com not only allows travelers to find a suitable place to stay on a trip but also enables them to rent a car, book a flight, and find out about the main attractions of a particular place. Handy Google maps provide additional details.

Nashville Parent — Where Every Family Matters

Nashville Parent - a website with maps for the parents of Nashville

If you happen to be from Nashville and have kids, you will find this website with Google maps very useful. It deals with children’s care, leisure, and education. Nashville Parent has all the information the local mums and dads require. Choose a category, such as ‘Attractions,’ and you will be offered a list of places in town to visit with your kids. Google maps allow parents to find out how exactly they can get to the chosen locations.

The Weather Network — Forecasting the Weather Around the World

The Weather Network uses Google maps

When it comes to weather forecasting websites, Google maps are simply indispensable. The Weather Network is not an exception. It has a map right on the home page. Scroll to the location you are interested in and click its name to know the weather forecast for the next day, week, or month. A Google map embedded in the website this way is great from a user experience perspective.

Sailing Seas of Plastic — a Map Based Website for the Environmentally Aware

Sailing Seas of Plastic has a Google map to draw attention to an ecological problem

It’s sad but the global ecology is getting progressively worse. One of the biggest threats to our environment is plastic, which takes years to decompose and thus pollutes the earth and water. To draw attention to this huge problem, some enthusiasts created a website with a map that visually represents the amount of plastic floating in the world’s seas and oceans at this very moment.

Zillow — a Website with Google Maps for American Real Estate Buyers and Sellers

Zillow uses Google maps to facilitate the search for real estate

If you’re a US resident looking to sell or purchase a house or apartment in one of the states, Zillow will make your search very convenient. Type in a particular location in the search box. A Google map with available options will be displayed on the left of the page. Hover over a point on the map to see a short description of the house or apartment.

Book Depository — Use a Google Map Embedded in the Website to Watch People Buying Books in Real Time

Book Depository has a Google map to watch people buying books

Here is a website for all bookworms to enjoy. It features a rich collection of titles from children’s books to science and geography. What makes Book Depository different from many similar sites is a Google map that shows what books people are buying in different locations in real time.

Caller Smart Helps You Investigate Unknown Phone Numbers

Caller Smart has Google maps to investigate unknown phone numbers

Anyone can call on your phone number. Some of these people are criminals trying to steal your valuable personal data. To help you find out who is bugging you, Caller Smart provides a convenient search functionality. Enter a phone number or information about a caller (if you have it) into the search box, and the results will appear as points on a Google map integrated into the website.

Viamichelin — a Map Based Website for Tracking Road Traffic Situation

Viamichelin uses Google maps to watch the situation on the road

Wherever you are in the world, Viamechlin allows you to watch the situation on the road as you drive. Learn about car accidents, bottlenecks, and closed roads on a Google map in real time.

Central Park Zoo — Plan Your Trip to a New York Zoo

Central Zoo uses Google maps so that visitors can plan their trips

New York has several zoos. Central Park Zoo is one of the most frequently visited ones. If you’re planning a trip to this animal world in miniature, the Central Park Zoo website provides a Google map so that you know exactly how to get to the destination.

Free Map Tools — One of the Most Versatile Websites with Maps

Free Map Tools uses Google maps for all kinds of measurements

This website uses Google maps for a wide range of measurements. Want to find the exact distance between two points on the map? Calculate an area? Find out a radius around a point on the map? Just open Free Map Tools and make a couple clicks to get an immediate result.

Outdoor Active — an Easy Way to Plan Your Next Hiking Trip

Outdoor Active uses Google maps for convenient hiking trip planning

Are you a fan of hiking, cycling, or mountaineering and like planning your own unique routes? Outdoor Active is a great online resource to help you with this task. No matter where you want to hike, this website with detailed maps will quickly show you the best trail to take.

Flightradar24 — a Map Based Website to Track Flights in Real Time

Flightradar24 uses Google maps to track flights in real time

This website allows you to watch flights in various locations across the globe at the moment. Just click an airplane icon on the Google map to obtain the essential information about the flight (speed, altitude, weather conditions, schedule, and more).

Archaeology Travel — Visit the Best Sites and Museums Around the World Without Leaving Home

Archaeological Travel uses Google maps to enable visitors to travel to historic locations without leaving home

Many people want to see great historical sites like the Roman Forum with their own eyes, but have no opportunity to travel to the location in person. Archaeology Travel has been created to right this wrong. It has a Google map built in the website plus satellite photos to let you feel as if you were physically visiting the place.

FreeParkNYC — Use Google Maps to Find Out Where You Can Safely Park Your Car in New York City

FreeParkNYC is a website with maps to find free parking spaces in New York

This is another example of a completely map based website. It allows the locals and visitors to New York to identify free parking spaces within the city limits. There are actually two maps. One uses color codes to indicate where and when you can park your automobile. The other map is more detailed and helps you decide where to leave your car based on street cleaning rules.

Mr. Handyman — Find a Local Service Pro Easily by Using This Website with a Google Map

Mr.Handyman - a website with a Google map to find a local pro

Need the service of a local handyman to fix your washing machine or assemble new furniture? Finding one with Mr. Handyman is quick and easy. Just enter your zip code or city name in the search box, and all the available options will be displayed on the Google map. Hover your mouse over one of the icons to find out the pro’s contact information.

Official Tennessee Department of Tourism — A Website with Google Maps to Plan a Trip Across the Volunteer State

Tennessee Department of Tourism uses Google maps to plan trips across the Volunteer State

Ever dreamt of “experiencing the sound of nothing at all for miles around?” Then, head for Tennessee. The website of the Official Tennessee Department of Tourism will guide you in your travels. It offers an easy way to plan a trip across the beautiful state of the Appalachian mountains. Choose a city or region within Tennessee, what you want to see or do there, and click Search. You’ll land on a page with a Google map to explore your route in detail.

Trendsmap — One of the Most Unusual Websites with Maps

Trendsmap is one of the most unusual websites with Google maps

Are you a ‘news junkie?’ Can’t live a single day without Twitter? Then, you’ll find Trendsmap a real treat. This is a map based website with a map of the world that has keywords scattered all across it. Click on a word and you will see the latest tweets associated with it.

Roadify Transit – Use a Google Map Built in the Website to Find Out if the Service is Available

Roadify Transit - use a built-in Google map to find out if the service is available

This website aggregates real time information about arrivals, departures, and service alerts for all kinds of public transit in a multitude of locations across the globe. To know if your town or city is covered by the service, use a Google map integrated into the website.

Lonely Planet — a Website With Maps for All Who Adore Traveling Far and Wide

Lonely Planet has maps for visitors to plan their trips to distant places

If you are planning a vacation of your lifetime in a foreign country or on a different continent, Lonely Planet has a lot of tours on offer. Choose a destination and get all the information about it. Find out about its attractions, read other travelers’ stories, and explore the Google map with all the landmarks clearly labeled and described.

If you have come across extraordinary and interesting google maps based websites, you are more than welcome to share!