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Increasing Banner CTR: 6 Basic Rules to Follow

Learn about Banner CTR, one of the most important metrics in display advertising, and some basic ways to improve it. In this post, we discuss banner CTR or click-through rate. We define it, list key factors that impact it, explain why this metric is so significant in analyzing the success or failure of banner campaigns, […]

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GetDevDone’s First Aid Kit for Meeting Tight Deadlines: ASAP Services

The business world today is very dynamic and competitive. Clients and customers expect their services or products to be delivered exactly by the time stipulated in their contracts. Businesses that fail to meet deadlines have no hope of surviving.  You might have been in situations when you were just inches away from missing a deadline […]

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Our HTML 5 Banners: Highest Quality, Unrivaled Flexibility

No matter what type of business you’re running, you can’t survive without advertising your goods or services. This was true in the past. This is true now. These days, however, with an ever-growing number of brands and rapidly evolving technologies, advertising has acquired an even greater significance.  The online space has become one of the […]

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