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Top 20 Thanksgiving Designs and Freebies

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! To spread some joy and help you celebrate the start of the holiday season in a more creative way, we’ve hand-picked 20 of the best fresh web design goodies. This collection includes a huge variety of Thanksgiving icons, illustrations, cards, and CSS demos. So, take a little break from the turkey and […]

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Web-Designer Types and Stereotypes

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “web-designer”? Have an image in your head? Then read on… This post is dedicated to these amazing and talented individuals and stereotypes that surround them. Do you think you could single a web-designer from the crowd? Probably.

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20 Eye-Catching Designs

If you want to attract more visitors to your website, its design should be eye-catching. In this post, you will find 20 examples of such designs for your inspiration.

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3 Good and 5 Bad Logo Redesigns

There are many reasons that explain why a company would redesign its logo. Some reasons are compulsory, such as when there’s a corporate merger or when a company expands its business activities. In such cases, a new logo is a must to reflect that change.  On the other hand, a logo redesign may be voluntary, […]

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What is Web Typography?

Wikipedia defines Web typography as anything that “refers to the use of fonts on the Web.” The article explains that web browsers controlled the look of fonts and styles until 1995, when Netscape introduced the <font> tag in HTML 2. Now most browsers automatically download fonts and designers have greater freedom to design with type […]

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