Elementor: A Half-Price Alternative to Custom Theme Development Without Sacrificing Quality

Discover incredible savings with Elementor! See how it can cut your WordPress development costs by up to 50% through our featured project example.


At GetDevDone, we’re well aware that businesses and agencies are always on the lookout for ways to optimize their expenses without compromising on quality. To address this need, we’ve come up with a game-changing approach to WordPress development by leveraging the power of Elementor, a versatile and user-friendly website builder.

Elementor: The Budget-Friendly Solution to Satisfy Your Online Presence Needs

Elementor has revolutionized the way websites are built on WordPress. This powerful tool allows developers to create visually stunning and highly functional websites quickly and efficiently. The main benefits of Elementor include:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: Elementor’s drag-and-drop editor makes it incredibly easy to design pages, even for those with little to no coding experience. This intuitive interface speeds up the design process and reduces the need for extensive training or specialized skills.
  2. Versatile Design Capabilities: With a wide range of widgets and design options, Elementor allows you to create anything from simple text boxes to complex forms and sliders. This flexibility ensures that your website can have all the features you need without additional plugins or custom code.
  3. Responsive Design: Elementor ensures that your website looks great on any device, be it a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. This responsiveness is crucial in today’s mobile-first world and helps improve user experience across all platforms.
  4. Theme Builder: Elementor’s Theme Builder lets you customize every part of your WordPress theme, including headers, footers, single posts, and archive pages. This level of control means you can maintain a consistent look and feel throughout your site.
  5. Template Library: The builder features a rich library of pre-designed templates that can be easily customized to match your brand. These templates save time and provide a solid foundation for your design.

But what truly sets Elementor apart from a business perspective is its ability to significantly cut down development time and costs – up to 50% in many cases! To illustrate this cost-efficiency, we have developed a one-page, fully functional website based on the same design in two different ways: custom and Elementor-based

And guess what? The second approach turned out to be almost half the cost compared to the first one:

  • Custom theme development: $768
  • Elementor-based theme development: $391

It’s almost a 50% savings.

Want to learn more? Here are the details. 

Custom Theme Development vs Elementor-Based Development: The Project Breakdown


This design represents a simple landing page with a few unique elements and basic on-scroll animation. The main sections of the page are as follows:

  • Hero section with a heading, image, and a Get Started button 
  • Our Services section with a heading and six identically styled cards, including an icon, heading, and a descriptive text
  • Our Process section with a heading, subheading, and three uniform cards made up of an image, icon, heading, and descriptive text. This section features smooth scrolling animation as well. 
  • Brands section with a heading and some company logos 
  • Start with us section, featuring a heading, text, a Get Started button, and an image 
  • Footer with the company logo, a navigation bar, a copyright notice, three social media icons, and Privacy policy and Term of service links 

Custom Theme Development 

First, we converted this design into pixel-perfect hand-written HTML and CSS code using ACF blocks. The result is a responsive, Retina-ready web page that matches the design down to 100%. Check it out here

Price: $768

Elementor-Based Development 

Next, we created the Elementor-based version of the page. We leveraged the Elementor builder to its fullest, crafting each block from scratch without using any custom or pre-made blocks. The outcome? The same top-quality, responsive web page, which is identical to the custom version that took longer and costlier to build. Check it out here

Price: $391

Custom Development vs Elementor-Based Development: Minor Differences 

We’re fully transparent regarding our services. So, we need to mention an important caveat as far as these two development methods are concerned. While custom theme development always produces a 100% pixel-perfect result, matching the design down to the tiniest detail, Elementor-based websites may sometimes have minor deviations from the design.

The design is the key factor. If it doesn’t include complex custom blocks or sophisticated animations and you’re okay with the final result being not entirely identical to the design, then an Elementor-based solution is an excellent way to get a fully functional website at a very attractive price.

Slash Your WordPress Development Costs in Half!

We’re always committed to providing cost-effective and high-quality web development solutions to our clients. By choosing Elementor-based development, you can enjoy significant savings while still getting a top-tier website that meets your business needs, as our example project illustrates.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your WordPress development experience. Get started now and see how Elementor can help you achieve your goals without breaking the bank.

Dmytro Mashchenko

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