The Email Development Team: Always Ready for New Challenges

Do you need an HTML5 banner to engage your target audience? An email template optimized for the major email clients and automation services? That's what our Email Development Team excels at. Read this post to learn about the team's history and the value it can give your business.


The world today is getting more competitive. The need to ensure maximum engagement of the target audience motivates businesses to improve the ways of communicating  with their customers in order to get their messages across more efficiently.

In this respect, email marketing remains one of the most popular means of communication there is. It helps brands in meeting the need to deliver their messages and offerings directly to their target customer groups. We have been satisfying this need for a long time now and have even set up an entire process to address it.

In this post, we would like to let you know a little more about this development process as it relates to one of our essential teams.

The Email Development Team: History 

When the email team was formed at our company in 2013, it consisted of a small group of web developers who had shown an interest in building email templates. Initially, email template development had not been singled out into a separate process within our company.

Projects like those seemed quite trivial at the time and were often assigned to teams who didn’t have much on their plate at the moment. 

The situation changed when a group of our employees came up with a way to optimize the speed of the email template development process. They presented the idea of forming a single team to deal with the flow of the email template development requests. 

They took on the challenge themselves of building a new delivery process with their own algorithms and practices to guarantee that our clients would get the expected speed in delivery without compromising on quality. The team rose to the challenge and we couldn’t be happier with the results. 

Basking in their decision-making freedom, they introduced the P2H email template development standard that enabled them to speed up the markup process considerably and improve the quality of email templates.

Thus, 2015 saw the official creation of the Email Team that began accepting all requests for email template development.

The Launch of New Services 

The email team began as a challenge but morphed into something greater which is a never-ending search for new development opportunities. At the end of 2019,  the team extended its range of development expertise areas and email templates were supplemented by HTML5 banners

The company had always had expertise in banner development, however, it had never been singled out into a separate process. A similar situation was also once observed with building email templates. At present, the two services are provided by one team that now goes by another name: the Email Development Team

The team often has clients who need assistance in meeting their marketing needs. That’s why the guys and gals on the team regularly follow not only the latest technical advancements in their field but also marketing trends. 

The Email Development Team has always had to handle projects that change on the fly. It manages to complete and deliver around 10 projects within a single business day on average which has impacted the entire attitude of the team’s members toward their work.

The guys and gals are used to a fast-paced working environment. They can’t imagine their process without new challenges and they rise to meet them consistently.

As an example, the list of services the Email Development Team provides has just been expanded to include stunning email signatures of all levels of complexity, individual or in bulk, simple or custom. Check out this post for the details.

Why Our Clients Choose the Email Development Team

The Email Development Team takes its processes and the quality of their services very seriously. For example, one single email template is tested in over 70 email clients and on 12 real devices before it reaches completion. In addition, every email template is checked to make sure it meets the requirements of the most popular email marketing services. Email template testers never use emulators which guarantees cross-platform compatibility. 

This is not the only benefit that the team offers though. You can also count on your template to be built within one business day. All you need to do is give the team a source file with your design and let them take care of the rest.

If you need urgent assistance (2–3 times faster than normal delivery), you can always request the ASAP Email Template Development service. Regardless of the development speed, quality never suffers and you are always guaranteed to get clean, top-quality code that’s convenient to work with. 

The Email Development Team boasts a lot of experience in making responsive email templates. To get markup like that, you don’t even have to send us a separate mobile design. The developers will ensure that your email renders immaculately across all devices. 

On top of that, you can take full advantage of the personalized approach that the Email Development Team provides which includes a dedicated manager assigned to your project.  Their task is to find the best solution for your specific requirements and if you need a custom solution, you can always discuss it with your personal manager. The team loves projects of all shapes and sizes and are always happy to take them on. 

The Email Development Team is unique in the flexibility of its methods, its development speed, and its willingness to try something new. All this is only possible through a team that loves what it does and they can convince you of that quickly.

Give the team a try to see how attentive and responsible they are with their projects and you will see what we mean. Professionalism, dedication and efficiency: that is the Email Development Team’s way.  

Dmitriy Maschenko

Dmitriy is the Head of a division at GetDevDone, an experienced web developer, and a prolific author of in-depth technology and business-related posts. He is always eager to share his years-long expertise with everyone who wants to succeed in the web development field.