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Shaping an Effective Email Marketing Strategy for Small Business: 7 Key Guidelines

Learn about the key principles common to all email marketing strategies for small business In this post, we provide the main guidelines that every small business owner should follow when setting up and running an email marketing campaign. Just like every organized event, we can break down an email marketing campaign into three stages: preparation, […]

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Choosing the Best HIPAA Compliant Email Provider: 3 Solutions Worth Trying

Learn what a HIPAA compliant email is and check out a review of three email providers that guarantee a safe transmission of protected healthcare information In this post, we discuss HIPAA, a federal law that sets guidelines for exchanging protected healthcare information, via electronic means of communication in particular. We explain what makes a HIPAA […]

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The Top 5 Email Service Providers (Based on Specific Criteria)

An overview of the best email providers in terms of security, user experience, storage space, and management. In this post, you will learn what features make a good email service provider. We have also done a review of the best email service providers that you can find on the market these days. Who knows, perhaps […]

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Why Use Modular Custom-Coded Templates for Your HubSpot Marketing Emails?

If you’ve been looking for an inbound marketing software solution and have chosen HubSpot, we fully support your decision. This popular platform has a ton of advantages, from the ability to integrate with social media and monitor the entire buyer’s journey to extensive customer lists and segmentation possibilities and excellent ROI reporting. HubSpot is used […]

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