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Why a PSD to HTML Conversion Tool Will Not Fully Replace a Front-End Developer Anytime Soon

Learn why a PSD to HTML Converter will hardly be able to beat a front-end developer in the foreseeable future The world of web design and development has made tremendous progress over the past few years. New front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap 4 have greatly facilitated the web development process. Present-day websites are highly dynamic, […]

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Progressive Web Apps for E-Commerce: Get an Edge Over Your Competition

According to Statista, the percentage of mobile retail sales in retail e-commerce sales worldwide will amount to 72.9 in 2021. With so many consumers using mobile devices to make purchases online, optimizing e-commerce stores for mobiles has become a must. Until recently, the main methods to conduct e-commerce business through handheld devices were mobile websites, […]

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7 Microformats that are worth using

“Designed for humans first and machines second”, microformats are HTML based formats for common data types embedded in HTML documents, mostly by using specific values for class or rel attributes. Using microformats makes it easier to publish and reuse various information such as describing people, events, tags and bunch of other relevant information that can […]

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