Hire Dedicated
WordPress Developers to Scale Seamlessly

Boost your agency's growth and deliver exceptional client results with a dedicated WordPress development team. Benefit from reduced overheads, faster turnaround times, instant access to specialized expertise, and a flexible, scalable approach.

Why Hiring Dedicated WordPress Developers from GetDevDone Is a Game-Changer for Your Agency


Experience With Various Page Builders

Our team has deep expertise with WordPress page builders like WPBakery, Divi, Gutenberg, and Elementor.

This proficiency not only speeds up the development process but also allows your agency to handle more projects efficiently, significantly enhancing your ROI.


White Label Development

With our white label WordPress development services, your agency can broaden its offering and shine under your own brand, all without the extra costs of expanding your in-house team.

It's a smart, seamless way to elevate your business and delight your clients, boosting both growth and satisfaction.


Flexible Collaboration Options

If you prefer, we'll assign a dedicated project manager (PM) who can serve as your single point of contact with our developer(s). However, you can also communicate directly with the developers without involving the PM.

And even when you opt for the PM option, you can always reach out to any member of the team through any of your favorite communication channels.


30+ Dedicated WordPress Experts

Our squad of over 30 WordPress programmers are not just experts in this CMS itself, but also masters of the web's core languages: PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

They've wrapped up countless website development projects for agencies and businesses, bringing a wealth of experience and a touch of magic to each new challenge.


Cost-Effective Solutions

When you hire our WordPress developers, you sidestep the hefty expenses tied to full-time staff, like benefits, office space, and tech gear, paying only for the services you need.

Besides, we're always on the hunt for the most wallet-friendly strategies for each project, ensuring you save more without compromising on quality.


Non-Disclosure Agreement

Your confidentiality is our top priority. Rest assured, we always begin our partnerships by signing an NDA, guaranteeing the protection of your data and ensuring it remains strictly between us, with no access granted to any third parties.

This commitment underlines our dedication to maintaining a secure working environment for every web development project we undertake.

Our Super-Flexible Models for
Hiring WordPress Developers

Whether you're handling a single task or juggling many projects, our approach to teaming you up with our experienced WordPress developers is incredibly flexible, guaranteeing a perfect match for any kind of work you have in mind.

icon key advantages Dedicated Resources

What it offers:

Imagine having your own team of WordPress developers, fully immersed in your project, just like an in-house team but without the overheads.

You get dedicated developers working exclusively on your tasks, offering you their full attention and expertise.

Value to you:

This model is like having a tailor-made suit; it's all about customization and personal attention.

You have the flexibility to direct your team as you see fit, either through direct communication or via a project manager.

It's perfect for long-term projects or when you need a range of continuous development services.

icon key advantages Retainer

What it offers:

This is about securing a set number of hours from a specialized team or developer each month.

Think of it as having a subscription to expert WordPress development services, with the added benefit of working with the same team that knows your project inside out.

Value to you:

The Retainer model ensures consistency and efficiency.

It's ideal for ongoing projects that require regular updates or enhancements.

Since the team becomes deeply familiar with your project, you save time on onboarding and can expect faster turnaround times and potentially lower costs over time.

icon key advantages Time & Materials

What it offers:

This model is all about flexibility and adaptability. You hire expertise (front-end, back-end, etc.) as and when you need it, paying only for the hours worked.

It's perfect for projects where the scope is not clearly defined from the start or is expected to evolve.

Value to you:

If your project demands fluctuate or you're experimenting with new ideas, this model offers the agility you need.

You can scale your team up or down based on current requirements, ensuring you're always optimally resourced without any long-term commitments.

icon key advantages Ad-Hoc/On-Demand

What it offers:

Tailored for short-term projects with specific goals, this model provides a clear budget and timeline from the outset.

You get a dedicated team managed by a project manager, ensuring your project is delivered on time and within budget.

Value to you:

If you have a project with a tight deadline or a fixed scope, this model is ideal. It offers the certainty of cost and delivery time, making project planning and budgeting straightforward.

Plus, there's no long-term commitment, giving you the freedom to engage services only when needed.

Meet Our Expert WordPress Developers

These are just a few members from our stellar squad of more than 30 skilled WordPress developers. They all come with years of experience and are ready to tackle any development task, seamlessly integrating with your team to work as one cohesive unit.
Maksym Terela
Experience in WordPress Development: 7+ Years
Completed Projects: 150+
Expertise Level: Tech Lead
Maksym is an accomplished professional with a talent for custom theme and plugin development. His expertise extends to WooCommerce setups, design-to-WordPress conversions, and optimizing sites for SEO, speed, and security. Maksym also leverages page builders like Elementor, and REST API for creating headless WP sites.
Sergey Rezunenko
Experience in WordPress Development: 7 Years
Completed Projects: 100+
Expertise Level: Senior full-stack developer
Sergey is a seasoned WordPress developer specializing in building custom themes and plugins, developing WooCommerce stores, creating Elementor-based sites, and converting any designs into WordPress. His expertise also covers API configuration and JavaScript, ensuring your project is both functional and engaging.
Ihor Yalovenko
Experience in WordPress Development: 5+ Years
Completed Projects: 103
Expertise Level: Senior full-stack developer
Ihor is a versatile WordPress developer, skilled in custom theme creation, WooCommerce development, and seamless design-to-WordPress conversions. He excels in using Elementor and WPBakery for dynamic website designs, and his expertise extends to integrating Hubspot CMS and Jekyll.
Anup Kumar Tamang
Experience in WordPress Development: Over 1 Year
Completed Projects: 30+
Expertise Level: Middle full-stack developer
Anup is a distinguished developer with a focus on crafting bespoke themes, effortlessly converting designs into WordPress, and adeptly navigating third-party code. His ability to tailor unique web experiences, combined with his skill in integrating sophisticated functionalities, guarantees your project looks and operates smoothly.

How Our Dedicated WordPress Developers Can Expand Your Agency's Capabilities


E-Сommerce WordPress Development

Get a feature-rich online store that stands out, leveraging WooCommerce for a top-tier shopping experience.

From product showcases to checkouts, we craft superb e-commerce sites that convert visitors into loyal customers!


Enterprise WordPress Development

Understanding the unique online needs of large organizations, we deliver enterprise websites rich in valuable business features. From seamless integration to robust security, we ensure your platform is equipped for success at scale.


WordPress Third-Party Integrations

Elevate your website's functionality by seamlessly integrating it with essential third-party solutions, including payment gateways, email marketing, analytics tools, and social media platforms. Our team of WordPress developers enhances your site to connect, engage, and grow your audience effortlessly.


WordPress Theme Customization

Take your website to the next level with our WordPress Theme Customization service, where we fine-tune an existing theme to perfectly match your client's brand identity. Achieve a bespoke look and feel without starting from scratch!


WordPress Website Redesign

Websites can quickly become outdated, losing their appeal and effectiveness and negatively impacting your online presence. Our team of WordPress experts specializes in infusing new life into such sites. We meticulously redesign them, ensuring they align with the latest trends in modern web design.


WordPress Migration

Our WordPress developers can help you perform a seamless transition of your website from platforms such as Wix, Squarespace, Hubspot, or Webflow to WordPress, safeguarding every piece of your valuable data throughout the migration process.

We also configure your WordPress website for the best performance


PSD to WordPress Development

We pride ourselves on delivering pixel-perfect PSD to WordPress conversions, ensuring that every detail from your original design is meticulously replicated in the final product.

Our team writes clean, semantically correct, and lightning-fast code, optimizing the overall user experience.

Hear What Our Delighted
Clients Have to Say

68 Reviews
Overall rating based on 68 reviews published on Clutch.co
Francesca Abbott
Founder of The Playground
“The build on this project has been so great – very accurate to our designs, and the team have added nice touches like the animation of the +/- on the accordions. It feels like your team on this has been very focused and considerate. Thank you!”
Nick Power
Director of Marketing at Eezy
“We were ecstatic with how our website turned out and really pleased with how easy it was to work with the folks at GetDevDone. We plan to come back with more projects in the near future now that we know GetDevDone can support our own engineering team with great front and back end solutions.”
Alon Koppel
Creative Director, FusionLab Inc
“The end client loved the custom theme which was tailored to their needs. P2H Inc ensured consistent communication between both sides, addressed issues quickly, and delivered high-quality work in a timely manner. They also stayed within budget which the client greatly appreciated.”
Romain Brabant
CEO & Founder, SEO Buddy
“Their ROCK SOLID quote, I N-E-V-E-R had to deal with the daunted situation to have to add +10/25% for them to complete what we've agreed on. Which is extremely rare in their industry.”

Our Seamless Hiring
Process for Expert WordPress Developers

At GetDevDone, we simplify the challenging journey of finding and hiring top-notch WordPress developers. Here's how our streamlined process ensures you get the perfect match for your project needs:
  • 01

    Share Your Vision

    Kickstart your project by telling us exactly what you're looking for. Detail your requirements, including the specific expertise needed, the number of development hours, project duration, and any other essential criteria. This initial step sets the foundation for finding your ideal developer or development team.
  • 02

    Meet Your Match

    Based on your specifications, we handpick the most suitable candidates from our pool of seasoned WordPress developers. You'll then have the opportunity to interview these candidates personally, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your project's unique needs. This step guarantees that your developer not only has the right skills but also aligns with your project's vision and work culture.
  • 03

    Onboard & Launch

    Once you've selected your ideal developer(s), we'll help you integrate them into your team seamlessly. They'll quickly get up to speed with your project's specifics and start contributing, allowing you to witness the high performance and exceptional quality that our experienced WordPress developers bring to the table.
With GetDevDone, you're not just hiring a developer. You're gaining a dedicated partner committed to bringing your vision to life!
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