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Business Continuity at GetDevDone: Why Our Clients Can Always Trust Us

Learn about some of our processes that allow us to counteract any adverse circumstances, providing the best web development services no matter what is happening around the world at the moment.


When running any service related business, clients are of the utmost importance.  And part of keeping clients happy is making sure that you have every angle covered when it comes to both normal day-to-day operations as well as emergency contingency plans.  

When unforeseen situations arise, making sure that there is a perfected plan in place is vital to keeping your business running smoothly.  A perfect example of this would be the recent Covid-19 pandemic that took the world by surprise. 

By having a well-oiled contingency plan that is able to handle any unanticipated events, a company can push through most any situation with poise and dignity while continuing to provide the same level of service as usual. 

As a respectable US-based company, we have developed a detailed business continuity strategy to address any issue or turbulent event that may arise in the ever-changing present-day world. In this short post, we will review our business processes so that you can see why you can always feel confident and assured when placing an order with us. 

Mobility of the Staff 

We started adopting a remote-first work-flow format even before the pandemic ever broke out. By the end of 2021, 95% of our team were already working from remote locations. 

Our developers, designers, and other professionals are now free to work from anywhere in the world or any place of their choosing. All they need for their job is a laptop and a stable Internet connection. 

This mobility allows us to respond promptly to any adverse situations such as the COVID-19 crisis while continuing to provide the same high level of service that you always expect from us.  


The remote-first work-flow format also allows our employees to be completely self-sufficient. All of our teams are extremely close-knit and well-organized and each team member is fully aware of all requirements for any specified project. 

This simply means that in any critical situation where one team member is unable to carry out their duties, another one can replace them and get the work done with the same competency and turnaround time. This guarantees a timely and reliable delivery of your order with no excuses.  

Smooth Communication via Multiple Channels 

In the modern business world, particularly in the IT sector, with its globalization, mobility, and continuous development, all processes must align with these trends. That means they must be flexible and easily adjustable to any new methodologies, practices, or technologies. They must also immediately adapt to any emergency situations. 

Communication is key to the success of every project. This process, like no other, must be smooth, convenient, efficient, and uninterrupted. That is the main reason we no longer attach so much importance to face-to-face meetings of team members or enforce strict standards for choosing communication channels. We have rebuilt our processes so that our communication with clients could be as fast, convenient, and efficient as possible. 

Skype, Slack, Trello, Jira, video meetings, and independence of external factors — all this makes the communication process at GetDevDone reliable, convenient, and uninterrupted. Our team members only need an Internet connection or phone to ensure the success of your project.  

Ease of Scaling the Team with Top-Level Professionals 

We have no shortage of talent. This means that we can quickly scale up our staff to fulfill any of your requests no matter how complex or urgent they are. We are not concerned about a candidate for employment’s geographical location or time zone. The only thing that is important to us is that their expertise and qualifications meet our highest standards.

In addition, with such a vast talent pool to choose from, we can select the best candidates and build outstanding teams in the process. 

Over the past year or so we have polished our business processes to perfection. That might be one of the reasons why our company was recognized as one of the best 15 WordPress companies in the world last year. Additionally, GetDevDone has been recognized as one of the Top Web Development Companies by Vendorland recently.

So rest assured, we will always make sure that the job is done on time regardless of what is happening around the world so that your business can continue to run smoothly and efficiently.

Dmytro Mashchenko

Dmytro is the CEO of GetDevDone, an experienced web developer, and a prolific author of in-depth technology and business-related posts. He is always eager to share his years-long expertise with everyone who wants to succeed in the web development field.

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