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Our Engagement Management Process

In this post, we discuss our Engagement Management process. How is it different from ordinary client support? What happens when you contact us with a request for the first time? Read on to find out more.


The best way to provide quality service to clients is to understand how to give them exactly what they’ve come for. It may seem like a simple and obvious task, however, it’s much harder than many might think.

We know this because we ourselves had to face some difficult challenges when we created a workflow for identifying the client’s needs. We had to be as precise as possible and always delivered the result they expected which is now known as our Engagement Management process.

In this post, we’d like to go over the key goals and stages of the EM (Engagement Management) process so that you will know exactly what happens when you contact us with a request for the first time.

The Main Goal of the Engagement Management Process

The Engagement Management process is aimed at identifying our client’s needs which is its key feature. For example, we often receive requests from companies that use us as intermediaries in their workflows. It’s crucial to be aware of how our work will fit into the general flow of their processes.

When we understand the specifics of the problem a client wants us to solve, we can offer them the most optimal cost-effective solution.

In contrast to ordinary support, the Engagement Management process implies that a manager monitors every request until it’s fulfilled. To achieve this goal, the manager needs to be attentive and empathetic with every client by analyzing and at times even anticipating their expectations.

This is the only way to guarantee that the clients will get what they want while ensuring a  bare minimum of revisions.

The Stages of the Engagement Management Process

If this is your first time contacting our company, you’ll immediately be welcomed by one of our Engagement Managers. Their main task is to identify your needs and expectations in a precise way to ensure a smooth workflow. Let’s go over this process in more detail. 

The analysis of your request will include a precise understanding of your technological and process requirements as well as your expectations regarding the development costs and timeline. This is an important stage in an Engagement Manager’s workflow.

An EM is the first person on the team to learn about your needs. It’s the EM’s responsibility to pass on this information to the development team without losing any details in the process. 

After processing the request and getting all the requirements, the EM will decide which team is most capable of handling your project. For instance, if it’s a rush project, the request is redirected to the ASAP Team. If it’s a Shopify project, the eCommerce Development Team takes it on.

We find it very important to assign our client’s projects to teams that possess all the required expertise to guarantee delivery on-time while adhering to the highest quality standards. 

The Engagement Manager’s work doesn’t stop at the project assignment stage. They also supervise and monitor the requests they receive during the development process. An Engagement Manager maintains active communication with the development team until the final delivery, making sure your request is being fulfilled in compliance with your expectations. 

The fine-tuned Engagement Management process is one of the key prerequisites that guarantee the end result of invariably high quality and timeliness.  The client’s needs represent a core around which value and excellence is formed.  By understanding that, we are always in a position to bring to our clients something greater than just the average. 

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Dmytro Mashchenko

Dmytro is the CEO of GetDevDone, an experienced web developer, and a prolific author of in-depth technology and business-related posts. He is always eager to share his years-long expertise with everyone who wants to succeed in the web development field.

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