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Stunning Email Signatures from GetDevDone

An email signature is an important element of every email, be it lead-nurturing emails, newsletters, or something else. That's why making a professional-looking and eye-catching email signature is vital. Read this post to learn what types of email signatures GetDevDone developers can make for you.


When it comes to email marketing campaigns, everything counts if you are serious about conversions. Does your subject line sound enticing enough? Does your offer address your target customer’s pain points? Does your content include visually appealing images to support your proposition? And finally, do you have a unique, professional-looking email signature with all the right information for the recipient to contact you easily? 

An email signature does not only represent your brand but can also serve the same purpose as a call-to-action button if you take the time and effort to make it attractive and informative enough.

The Benefits of HTML Email Signatures

These days, most email signatures are created by using HTML. There are a number of reasons for this: 

  • An HTML email signature has a low image:text ratio, especially if it has been created by professional developers who know the technology inside and out. As a result, you can be confident that spam filters will almost always give your email a green light. 
  • An HTML email signature can have as many clickable areas as necessary. Clicking on your social media icons, your email address, photo, or any other contact info will take the recipient to the right place. You can even add a reference to your featured product to maximize your conversion-generating efforts. 
  • You can style and format an HTML signature any way you like. Colors, fonts, and various design elements are easily adjustable to test out a new look.

Why You Should Hire Developers to Make an Email Signature for You

As good as HTML email signatures are, they also pose a few challenges that ordinary users may not be able to tackle themselves. First and foremost, there are an extensive number of email clients, such as Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, and a host of others. Each has its own quirks when it comes to rendering HTML code. 

In addition to email clients, there are numerous operating systems and many types of physical devices, including mobile phones, tablets, PCs, Macs, and so on. You can hardly expect all of your prospects or customers to be using only PCs with Windows as the operating system and Windows Mail as the email client. 

Your signature must cater to users with any hardware and software. That’s when you need assistance from developers who can successfully address all these challenges. And you know what? Your search is over! The GetDevDone developers have the right tools and knowledge to make sure that your email signature is both professional and functional in any environment. 

Stunning Email Signatures from GetDevDone

An example of an email signature.

Leveraging our experience and expertise over the years, the GetDevDone team offers you several types of HTML email signatures

  1. Simple email signature. This includes your basic info: your name, position, and contact details. A simple signature costs $49 and takes from one to three business hours to create.  
  2. Custom email signature. Sometimes basic info is just not enough. If you want to add something special like starting with your company’s logo and ending with a section showcasing your featured products or services, then this is the option for you.  
    We’re ready to craft any email signature in compliance with your ideas and needs. Have no design yet? No problem. Our experienced designers will help you come up with a perfect signature that precisely reflects your individuality.
    Making a custom signature takes from one to three business hours and costs $99 — an exceptional price for an eye-catching signature that recipients will instantly associate with your brand. 
  3. Bulk email signature. Want to ensure uniformity in email communications across your team? Then order a set of identical simple or custom signatures for multiple people within your company.
    The starting price of a bulk email signature is $99. The exact delivery time and the total amount depends on the complexity of the signature and the number of signatures within the set. 

So why wait? Order a professional-looking HTML email signature individually or in bulk to achieve better brand recognition and provide a personal touch for your targeted audience. 

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