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Our HTML5 Banners: Highest Quality, Unrivaled Flexibility

Discover different types of HTML5 banners that we craft. Learn how animated, interactive, and static banners can boost your brand's online presence.


No matter what type of business you’re running, you can’t survive without advertising your goods or services. This was true in the past. This is true now. These days, however, with an ever-growing number of brands and rapidly evolving technologies, advertising has acquired an even greater significance. 

The online space has become one of the most effective and valuable environments for promoting businesses, with banner ads representing the most popular tools to reach out to target audiences. From simple static ads, banners have evolved into interactive, engaging visuals that ensure great brand visibility, attract more prospects and customers, and provide methods to measure an audience’s interest with amazing precision.

Over the years, we have built numerous banner ads for our clients from various business sectors and have become true experts in this craft. Today, we’d like to talk about the types of HTML 5 banner ads we offer, their features, and the benefits they can give to your business.

The King (Flash) Is Dead! Long Live the King (HTML 5)!

First, let us explain why we use HTML 5 as our principal technology for building banner ads. A little flashback to the not-so-distant past. 

At the outset of the online advertising industry, there were barebone text ads with no visuals or animations. Those were followed by static banner ads with still design elements. Later, advertisers started using animated gifs that created the impression of movement. 

All those types of banners had certain advantages and did their jobs well enough. However, they still lacked quality animations and interactivity for the maximum engagement of target audiences. The loading speed was also a serious issue.

The Flash technology that next took the online world by storm, seemed to have resolved all the issues once and for all. Flash ads were highly interactive and included rich visual content that could be animated. Many of such ads were made as interactive games, enhancing website visitors’ engagement and taking click-through rates to record-breaking heights.

Flash seemed to be the final stop on the route to an ideal banner ad. The reality, though, was not so cloudless. The technology proved to have serious limitations:

  • Users had to have the Flash plugin installed in their browsers and update it on a regular basis.
  • Along with the code that was required for a Flash ad to display, there was some other “extra” code that users also had to execute. It was a serious security concern. The code often contained viruses hard to discover by anti-virus software. 

Enter HTML 5. First, the tech giant Apple started investing heavily in this new version of the popular markup language. Later, the people at Google saw value in HTML 5 too. A new era began. HTML 5 was “a balm on the wounds” of web developers and designers. Here’s why it’s so good for building banner ads:

  • HTML 5 requires no third-party plugins, with all widely used browsers such as Chrome or Firefox providing native support for it. No need to watch out for updates. Visitors will always see your ads, while Flash banners may be disabled on some sites. 
  • There’s no need to worry that your banner will not resize on devices with smaller screens. We build HTML 5 banners of various sizes to adjust to any screen resolutions.
  • HTML 5 banner ads have the weight of a feather in comparison with other types of ads, such as animated gifs. This means that web pages with HTML 5 banners will load and run fast to keep web site owners happy.  
  • HTML 5 banners can be animated, although they don’t have to. 
  • Banners made with HTML 5 are the desired (and, in certain cases, the only acceptable) format in many advertising networks including Google Ads.

Leveraging all these benefits to the fullest, our developers can build engaging, visually appealing, and effective HTML 5 banners of the highest quality to meet all of your advertising needs. Let’s take a look at what exactly we can offer you. 

The Main Types of HTML 5 Banners We Build

Static Banners 

This is one of the most basic types of banner ads you can come across. It’s just an unmoving image within a single frame. There can be (and in most cases is) a hover effect: when a user moves the mouse cursor over the banner, its transparency or color becomes different, for example. The image itself, though, stays the same. 

While static banners may seem not engaging enough, they have their benefits for businesses:

  • Comparatively low cost. These banners are simple and quick to create, which can save you a few dollars down the line. This can be very important if you’re a small business or startup owner, anxious to cut down on your expenses in any way you can. We build high-quality static banners with 1 round of revisions for just $24.
  • Unobtrusiveness. Static ads quietly “sit” on a web page without irritating visitors. At the same time, they convey your message clearly and unambiguously.
  • Good brand awareness. Owing to the still nature of static ads, visitors will keep your brand name or logo in focus longer. When they open another site and see the same ad, they will instantly recognize your brand.
  • Efficient use of space. Static banners, due to their simplicity and restrained design, don’t overwhelm the webpage with excessive visuals or animations. They blend neatly into the site’s layout, thereby optimizing the site’s space usage.
  • Ease of design changes. With static banners, making design modifications is much simpler and quicker compared to animated or video banners. This flexibility allows businesses to adapt their advertising strategy more swiftly.
  • Broad compatibility. Static banners are displayed correctly across all devices and browsers, ensuring that your advertising message reaches all segments of your audience without any technical hindrances.
  • Low maintenance. Once a static banner is created and placed on a webpage, it requires little to no maintenance. This leaves more time for businesses to focus on other important tasks.

Simple and Complex Animated Banners

These appeared as a result of the uncompromised competition of various brands for engaging site visitors. Animated ads are all about movement, representing design elements that replace each other according to a certain animation effect. 

The list includes the Alpha effect (elements smoothly appearing on a background), bounce effect (a central element ‘bouncing’ to the foreground), cross effect (elements moving from the left to the right side of an ad or vice versa), and others.

Those effects can repeat in a loop or be one-time only. You can also have only certain parts of an ad animated. The more complex the effect, the higher is the price.


In what ways can your business benefit from animated banners?

  • They’re more engaging and visually appealing. Visitors find them more interesting than static ads. Thus, click-through rates with animated banners are normally higher
  • You can give more information about your products or services within the same space. Just use more design elements replacing others inside the frame. This is something static ads can’t give you. 

Animated banners are certainly more challenging to design and build. They take more time and resources on development and testing. Hence, a heftier bill. 

One simple animated banner built by our developers will cost you $48. The price of a complex animated banner is almost two times higher — $88. However, if you want your advertising campaigns to bring you more leads, this money is an excellent investment.

Interactive Banners 

Interactive banners: examples

These provide even more engagement than animated banners by encouraging consumers to perform actions like clicking on different sections of an ad, playing a game right inside an ad, or using a slider to see information about the advertised products without leaving an ad. 

Interactive banners turn visitors from passive viewers into actors, and action always means interest and engagement. For example, an interactive banner may display one question about preferred products with several answer options. Upon ticking one of the checkboxes, the visitor is directed to a landing page with some additional information related to the product they’ve chosen.

Another notable example of an interactive banner is its use in gathering user feedback. A banner could prompt visitors with a quick survey about their experience on the website. 

This engagement not only makes visitors feel valued, but also provides invaluable insights to the business. These insights can be used for improving user experience, making necessary enhancements in products or services, and tailoring future marketing strategies. 

When the user submits their feedback, they could be redirected to a thank you page that offers a small discount for their next purchase, boosting not only customer satisfaction but also sales.

This contributes to more targeted advertising campaigns, better brand recognition, and higher click-through rates and conversion. Learn more about interactive banners here

Interactive banners are the most expensive type of banner ads we build, costing $124 apiece since they require a considerable investment of time and effort on our part. As practice has shown, though, interactive banners can be up to 3 times more effective than other types of display ads. So, it’s a perfect ROI booster.

Our HTML 5 Banners and Their Benefits

We Are Flexible

And now is the best part. Our HTML 5 banner building service is in no way limited to the types of banners listed above. We are well aware that every business has unique requirements that may not fit into a predefined framework. 

This is why flexibility is in our nature. You can order a banner of any specific type or size that no standard options cover, with any features you have in mind, and with any animation effect — scrolling, rotating, sliding, floating, or any other, separately or in combination.

We can design your banners from scratch and incorporate video files into them. We can also adapt your banners to the requirements of a wide range of advertising networks, including Google Ads, AdForm, AdRoll, Display & Video 360, SIzmek, Flashstalking, IAB, and Celtra. All your banners will look perfect, whichever of these services you select.

One business day — this is how fast it takes us on average to deliver your banner, regardless of how complicated its design or content is. Also, starting from the 6th banner, you’re entitled to a 50% discount!

So, which type of HTML 5 banner ad would you like us to build for you? Let us know.