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Shopify Case Study: Revamping Young in the Mountains Jewelry Brand Website

This is another case of our fruitful cooperation with a digital agency. Read this post to find out how we revamped a Shopify-based online store, making it look stylish, improving its UX, and letting its owners reduce maintenance costs by building some custom features from scratch.


Agencies often come to us with designs that we bring to life. The more unique and eye-catching a design is, the more pleasure it brings us to see it live. So today we’d like to tell you about a case from our collaboration with a creative studio that commissioned us to implement their amazing design. 

The Client 

As they describe themselves on their website, is “a multidisciplinary creative studio offering on-demand strategy & design sprints to uncover, amplify, and actualize emerging insights.” 

The company offers a long list of services, starting from market analysis, brand building, and consumer research to visual interface and digital identity. is our long-standing client, and over the years we have successfully completed numerous joint projects together. 

The Project 

The US handmade jewelry brand Young In the Mountains engaged to revamp their Shopify Plus-powered website to bring  their creative ideas to life.

The project kicked off with handling the design and strategy parts while P2H was asked to oversee the eCommerce development and to consult on best practices throughout the project. 

The design and experience were as unique as the brand itself: large imagery, typography, engaging videos, and subtle animations throughout. 

The goal of the project was to create an informative and engaging website where customers could learn about the philosophy and science behind the products while also being able to create a truly unique jewelry piece. 

The Solution 

In order to achieve the objective, we built the following custom functionality. 

Product Customizer

We developed the Product Customizer from scratch by implementing customizer sections and blocks (to generate the customizer steps). This allows the user to create their own unique product using predefined options. After choosing the desired option in each step, you are then directed to the Custom Product. 

For example, a customer may choose to “construct” a unique ring instead of purchasing something available in stock by following these steps:  

  • Choose the type of ring desired such as a loose gemstone 
  • Pick a specific stone, e.g., wild rose sapphire
  • Select the metal color, e.g., 14k Yellow Gold
  • Decide on the band style such as the Black Diamond Milky Way. 

Once these steps are complete, the total price is calculated immediately. All that’s left is to add the ring to the cart. 

There is also a ‘Save My Design’ custom feature used to share with others the options chosen in the build steps or to share the entire generated product by sending them a link via email. 

Product Properties

Each product, even a custom one, has its own properties with different options which can affect the total price. All properties are defined in the meta fields. To achieve that, we also used metafields to define the additional price for each option. For instance, a ring has its own set of metafields while a bracelet has its own, and so forth. 

Besides that, we also used Shopify Scripts accessible to Shopify Plus subscribers only in order to write a script for recalculating the price at the checkout.

Retailers Map

A list of retailers has been connected to customized Google Maps on the website. That’s a super handy feature for everyone who wants to find out the exact address of a particular vendor with just a couple of clicks. This feature was  built completely without the use of any apps.

Other Features 

  • Custom Mini Cart Drawer (built from scratch)
  • Product Tabs, Product Recommendations, Stone Selector (property displayed as a gallery with stones)
  • Accordion-based FAQ page
  • Background Video sections
  • Custom SlideShow on the homepage

Shopify Apps 

We also leveraged the power of the most popular Shopify apps to provide several additional features. 

Instafeed App

To expand the reach of the brand’s Instagram page to the website’s visitors and gain more followers and likes, we used the Instafeed app with a customized display of the feed. 


To capture leads and secure more subscriptions, we integrated one of the most popular Shopify email marketing apps into the store –  Mailchimp

Drop a hint 

To let the brand’s customers refer a product to friends or anyone else easily, we integrated Drop a hint – a powerful link share feature (including custom generated products). This option is very popular among jewelry store customers. For example, people looking for a gift may want to send a link to ask for someone’s opinion regarding a certain piece that they noticed. 

To facilitate the search and filtering of the products on the brand’s website, we integrated the Product Filter & Search app and customized its display view according to the designs provided. 

The Outcome

Just like the rest of the projects we did for, the revamp of the YITM brand’s website left everyone satisfied and happy. If you want to leverage our comprehensive expertise in building and customizing large Shopify Plus-based online stores too, drop us a line

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