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How We Developed the HelloHealth Clinic Webflow-Based Website

In this post, we discuss one of our Webflow development projects. You will learn about the challenges we faced and the solutions we provided.


As you probably know from our previous case studies, we are committed to finding the most flexible development solutions for our clients and quickly adapting to their changing needs. 

Today, we want to share a story that vividly showcases that commitment yet another time – the development of a Webflow-based website for HelloHealth Clinic from Atlanta, Georgia. 

The Client 

HelloHealth Clinic is a physician-directed wellness program supported by a friendly team of therapists and fitness professionals. Their mission is to help patients achieve personal health transformation by prescribing meal plans, exercise, and introspection for them in addition to supplements and traditional medicines. 

The Challenge 

We were contacted by Dr. Carmen Mohan, the CEO of HelloHealth, who told us that they were looking to build a website in Webflow. They had already done the design work along with the mobile versions of the pages and wanted us to start immediately. 

Apart from converting the provided mockups into web pages, Carmen wanted us to protect certain content from unregistered users/non-customers and integrate two HubSpot forms for collecting user data – Contact Us and Sign Up Now. 

The Solution 


As usual, to build web pages, we took advantage of the fantastic Webflow Designer capabilities, quickly dragging and dropping page elements, arranging them according to the designs, adding custom styles, and using some JavaScript into the bargain.

Here are some pages and effects that we created.

The About Us page with the parallax scrolling effect 

The Weight Loss Program Page 

We also made every video on the website open in a separate lightbox with the Vimeo player inside. 


As for the CMS part and protected content, we had a choice. 

  • Use Webflow’s Memberships Beta feature. At that time, it was not perfect. If we wanted to hide one premium block or a CMS collection from a non-customer, we would have to hide the entire page. Thus, we would have to create three or four separate CMS collections: Programs Free, Programs Premium, Podcasts Free, Podcasts Premium.
  • Use the paid Memberstack plugin. It allowed us to hide a block if needed, as well as certain posts inside a specific CMS collection. 

Since Memberstack offered more flexibility, even though it incurred extra costs, the client gave it the thumbs up. 

Thus, we ended up by creating two collections instead of four: Podcasts and Programs. Using Memberstack, the website administrator can quickly build identically looking pages with different content or hide specific premium podcasts/programs from users who have not paid for them. 

The Programs collection currently includes three items: the Weight Loss, Mental Health, and Stress Management pages



Initially, the client requested integration of HubSpot Contact Us and Sign Up Now forms into the website. However, it turned out that connecting HubSpot to Webflow required a subscription that was a bit too challenging for the client’s budget.

Carmen discovered a less expensive alternative: combining the native Webflow form functionality with the Zapier platform. That would give the clinic the information about form submissions and allow auto replies to be sent directly from the client’s Gmail account. 

Carmen asked us for our opinion, and we agreed that the native Webflow form functionality plus Zapier might be a better option. So, adapting to the client’s changed needs, we created the forms right in Webflow. 

Contact Us form

The Outcome 

The client was completely satisfied with the results of our collaboration. The HelloHealth Clinic website is pleasing to the eye, renders perfectly on mobile devices, and performs all the requested functions. It took us 14 business days to get the job done. 

I really enjoyed working with our project manager who kept us organized, kept the project on track, and, above all, made the process really easy. Incredibly pleased with our collaboration and what they were able to produce.

Want to be our next happy client? Reach out to us today to discuss the details of your future Webflow project. 

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