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Meet Our New Service: Building Templates and Themes for HubSpot CMS

If you have chosen HubSpot CMS as the online platform for your business, you will find our new service - Building Templates and Themes for HubSpot CMS - very useful. In this post, we talk about its key benefits for you.


Why HubSpot CMS Is an Excellent Choice

One of the vital decisions every business has to make is the choice of an efficient and easy-to-use platform for establishing an online presence, generating leads, and converting them into customers or clients. 

Among the many options available on the market these days, one such platform stands out — HubSpot CMS. It gives business owners all the content management and marketing tools they need in one centralized location. 

The CMS is fast thanks to a built-in CDN, secure with the SSL encryption provided out of the box, has great personalization features for better user experience, and is Google-friendly through the support of the AMP technology. 

Creating HubSpot CMS Templates and Themes: The Challenges

Despite all these fantastic capabilities, though, HubSpot CMS can be challenging when it comes to creating templates, themes, and landing pages. 

  • While the CMS includes a convenient drag-and-drop template editor, it takes a while to get used to in order to build templates with a professional look and feel. Many business owners simply have no time for this. 
  • When you need to build a new theme to give your site a unique appearance, you will have to use HubSpot’s proprietary technologies and tools: the HubL templating language, HubSpot FTP, content staging, and others. Again, mastering these is time consuming and calls for a certain amount of technical expertise. 

Our New Service: Building Templates and Themes for HubSpot CMS

Knowing about these difficulties and wishing to help businesses overcome them, we introduced a new service: Building Templates and Themes for HubSpot CMS

As part of this service, we offer you the following: 

  • Creating Drag & Drop templates 
  • Building custom templates by using HTML and the HubL templating language
  • Developing custom, unique-looking HubSpot themes and landing pages 

The Key Benefits of the Service

Here are some key benefits you get by ordering this service:

A Dedicated PM and an Experienced Development Team

Once you purchase the service, you will have a dedicated Project Manager to draw up a detailed development plan, get it approved by you, and promptly solve any problems that arise during development. This speeds up the process and prevents delays and bottlenecks. 

Our HubSpot developers have 4+ years of experience under their belts. They are well-versed in HubL, HubDB, and HubSpot API along with the staple web technologies — HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

White Label Development

If you choose so, we can adopt the white label development format. That means all the rights to the code we produce will belong exclusively to you and we will not mention our brand name anywhere within the code. 

Meticulous Testing

We test all our templates and themes on 12+ physical devices and all major browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. You can be absolutely confident that all your current and potential customers will see the same pixel-perfect theme or template regardless of the screen size or resolution. We never use emulators for testing. 

So why waste your valuable time trying to put together a HubSpot template with a drag-and-drop editor or learning new technologies? Devote it to something that really matters for your business — nurturing leads and converting them into revenue-generating customers. 

Entrust building your HubSpot template, theme, or landing page to the GetDevDone development team

Reach out to us today and let’s get started! 

Dmitriy Maschenko

Dmitriy is the Head of a division at GetDevDone, an experienced web developer, and a prolific author of in-depth technology and business-related posts. He is always eager to share his years-long expertise with everyone who wants to succeed in the web development field.