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Helping a Transport & Tech Company Leverage Webflow to Streamline Their Marketing and Analytics

Read this post to discover how we empowered Mover Systems to break language barriers and streamline customer engagement with a multilingual website, advanced data analytics, and robust email marketing integrations.


As a web development company, we pride ourselves not only on our comprehensive expertise in an array of technologies but also on our proven, streamlined processes and seamless communication that ensure every project aligns perfectly with a client’s vision and timeline.

Today, we invite you to delve into a case study that truly exemplifies these strengths. We’ll be exploring the intricacies of developing a large-scale website for a transport and tech company based on Webflow.

The Client 

Mover Systems is a Danish company that simplifies last-mile logistics with a powerful Transport Management System (TMS). The TMS plans optimal routes for customers and ensures timely delivery of goods while saving money, time, and emissions. Mover aims to impact the transportation industry with efficient, economical, and eco-friendly logistics.

Mover’s software contains a multitude of value-creating features such as automated communication flows, providing customers with live-tracking, automated ETA updates, and real-time KPIs. Moreover, it allows customers to personalize deliveries based on the company’s preferences and their clients.

The Challenge 

We were contacted by Mover with a request to convert Figma designs of their new website into web pages using Webflow. First, they wanted to see some of our past Webflow development projects, so we shared our Webflow portfolio.  

Impressed by our work, Mover chose to partner with us. The scope was quite extensive; it included 20 unique pages plus some third-party integrations we had to handle. The project was divided into several milestones spanning around a year. 

Given the size of the website, Mover broke it down into three chunks, starting with the homepage and then moving to the internal pages. The client also gave us a sitemap, highlighting the pages they prioritized. 

The project was a high priority for Mover, so we started by developing a few pages that would be ready for launch and then continued afterward with the next bunch of pages.

They asked for a dedicated project manager to work closely with their designer, ensuring quick feedback. If necessary, our developers were flexible with their work time to gain quick results and adjust to the schedule.

Besides turning the designs into web pages, the client wanted us to add several key features. To begin with, the site was to support two languages: English and Danish. Unfortunately, Webflow Localization was not available at the time, so we suggested using a localization plugin for the purpose. 

Additionally, Mover asked us to help with:

  • Integrating Mailchimp for email marketing purposes 
  • Integrating Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics for data analytics and reporting 
  • Adding a cookie consent management solution
  • Integrating a Hubspot form in two languages for a contact popup. 

Once we sorted out the financial and technical details, we got straight to work on the project.

The Solution 

Converting Designs


As Mover chose to base their website on the Webflow platform, we leveraged the power of its Designer tool to convert the Figma designs into web pages, occasionally custom-coding certain elements with HTML/CSS and adding JavaScript to the mix. 

We kickstarted the project with the homepage. It’s quite straightforward but does include a few useful site-wide features.

For a start, we created a banner that stays fixed at the top of the page until a user closes it. 

Homepage: a fixed banner at the top of the page

We also made a sticky header that stays pinned on scrolling up or down the page.

Homepage: a sticky header

Internal Pages 

When we delivered the homepage for the client’s review, they did have some comments, but we quickly fixed all the issues they pointed out. Satisfied with our performance and quality, Mover gave us the green light to move on. 

Since the designs of internal pages were still being made, Mover supplied them to us as soon as one design or a batch of designs was ready. To eliminate any bottlenecks or idle periods and receive immediate feedback, seamless coordination between our team and the client’s was paramount. 

And that’s what we truly shine at. Our experienced project manager Anya Pozdniakova was in constant contact with Mover, discussing their specifications and needs, promptly allocating tasks to our developers, and processing feedback without delay. 

An essential element for us has been the diligent help and assistance from our project manager.

Fie R. Drejer
Fie R. Drejer

Revenue Enablement Specialist,
Mover Systems

As a result, the process of converting internal pages went precisely on schedule, perfectly aligning with the client’s business plans. Here are some pages that we made along with their features:

Software page
Courier Page with an accordion section
Transport Pricing Page with the Courier and Solutions tabs

Integrating Third-Party Solutions 

Converting designs into web pages was only a part of the job. We also needed to ensure that the website performed the functions requested by the client. So, along with creating pages in the Webflow Designer, we assisted Mover with adding business-critical features to their new site. 

Making the Website Multilingual

Switching between two languages

As Mover has ambitious growth plans, catering to businesses from different countries is a priority. That’s why they wanted to make the new site multilingual, starting with two languages – English (primary) and Danish.

The most viable solution at that time was to use the popular Weglot plugin since, as mentioned earlier, Webflow Localization was not available yet. Although Weglot is a fee-based tool, it’s well worth every penny spent on it. We suggested the plugin to the client and they agreed. 

After Mover bought a subscription, we assisted them with integrating the plugin into the website according to their preferences. That’s another example of our client-centric approach. We don’t just mechanically convert designs into pages. Our top priority is to make sure the client’s needs are met in full, even if this is sometimes beyond the project scope. 

Integrating Mailchimp


Email marketing plays a pivotal role in promoting a business and establishing strong relationships with customers. Mover is well aware of the power of this medium and thus requested our assistance with integrating one of the most popular email marketing solutions out there – Mailchimp

Now, they can easily build and manage mailing lists, create personalized emails and newsletters, automate their marketing campaigns, and do many other things to attract customers to their system – all without leaving the website. 

Integrating Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Having a website that is well-functioning and visually very appealing is, of course, great. But when it comes to business, it’s relevant to know how visitors interact with the pages.

This is where data and analysis come into the picture. With Google Tag Manager and Analytics, it becomes possible, with given consent, to delve into how visitors navigate around the site and which content they find particularly attractive. 

Mover has this capability, as we have added a code that connects the website with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. We helped them implement both programs on their newly designed website.

Integrating Hubspot Forms

We also assisted the client with integrating a Hubspot form into the website, allowing customers to directly contact Mover, with the information going straight into their CRM system. They wanted a form that was available in Danish and English to accommodate both languages.

However, the Hubspot form is an iframe and therefore cannot be dynamically translated. We overcame this obstacle by creating two forms, one in English and the other in Danish.

Here is the result:

Contact popup in the currently selected language

Adding a Cookie Consent Management Solution

Due to privacy laws mandating that companies must provide visitors the option to either accept or decline cookies, such an implementation was crucial for Mover. 

There are many platforms for managing cookie consent, and based on research, Mover decided to proceed with Cookie Script. With assistance from us, they integrated it into their website by adding unique code to the pages where the consent pop-up should appear.

The cookie consent management bar from Cookie Script

The Outcome 

The client was completely satisfied with our quality, performance, and service. They especially liked our dedicated project management to the point that they even asked us to contact the Webflow helpdesk on their behalf to find out when the Webflow Localization feature would be released to general customers. 

Apart from accommodating and assisting Mover with their challenges, we provided further assistance. Our Webflow development team prepared detailed, step-by-step guides to help them effectively work with the plugins and external services. Additionally, we wrote a comprehensive set of instructions on how to update content on their Webflow website. 

Our collaboration with Mover didn’t stop when the project was done. We remain a committed partner and resource for them.  They can always get in touch with us if they need assistance or have a problem to fix. We’re here to provide ongoing support and ensure their continued success.

Want to be our next happy client? Reach out to us today! 

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